Seven Hovercraft!

Hmm, seven different (but similar) hovercraft projects have been posted with a very short time.

I wonder if somebody is using the site to document their science projects and get them judged by a wider audience?

Why on earth did I not think of that??

Picture of Seven Hovercraft!
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purduecer9 years ago
Anybody else think that Kiteman's avatar and the muppet picture up top look pretty much the same?
Kiteman (author)  purduecer9 years ago
That was the idea...
Keith-Kid9 years ago
So I'm not seeing double? Phew.

It's a really great idea, and ibles step by step format is perfect for grading!

  • Materials - 10
  • Introduction- 9
  • Presentation- 8
  • Grammar - 10
  • Illustrations - 8
  • Concept - 9
  • Ability to keep the reader interested (theres a word for this....I just don't know it) - 8
That would be a most excellent way to not only give instructables some word of mouth publicity, but also a great demonstration of how the use of internet resources can benefit a class.

I'm all for it! *Goes off to convince school to use instructables*
What about a sort of off-shoot of ibles, with heavily moderated forums and much more stringent content guidelines? Contests could be held for prizes such as books, school supplies, scholarships, etc.
You've seen the Wikipedia-for-schools CD? How about Instructables for schools?

Essentially I'm thinking of a selection of Instructables that can be made with low-cost materials, that demonstrate a selection of scientific principles, that are well written (could be neatened up for inclusion) and don't have any naughty words in them- stuff like Kiteman's air horn, for example. It would be like an online textbook :)
*runs off to register*
And another thing: A sort of bonus or something......discussing a topic on the forums could make a good assignment, as the students could reasearch and present their opinions without having to stand awkwardly in the middle of class. It would also be a bit more organized. Meh.
Hi guys, I'm the teacher who had my students post their projects here on Instructables. I've been a long time fan of the site and decided to give it a try. My students absolutley loved posting their information here and it was amazingly simple to do. I had them print out their instructable through the .pdf function and turn it in for evaluation.

I like the idea of an education instructables section...

Let me know if I can help or offer any suggestions.

Take care,
Excellent, excellent use of this resource! I guess you were willing to suffer through the ads and such without creating a membership :-)

There are a few discussion groups related to education, including
along with a few specific-discipline science groups (like Physics).

The suggestions below for a "restricted" or "filtered" edition of I'bles for educational use are interesting, but will surely require some development work, and input from educators like yourself (and Kiteman).
Awesome use of the PDF formatting!
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