Sew Warm Contest email confirmation WRONG!

I got this email when I entered the sew warm contest:

Hi Hello Kitty,

This is to confirm that your entry 'Warm Rice Bag' for the 'Sew Warm Contest' has been received and will be reviewed. The contest closes on Mar 6, 2010. 12:00 AM.

Thank you for submitting your Instructable to the Cocktails vs. Mocktails Contest.  The contest is moderated, and so your entry is waiting to be reviewed. This process can take up to 48 hours.

If after 48 hours or so your project has still not been accepted, then it did not meet all of the requirements for participation in the contest.  You will then need to make the appropriate changes to your project so that it meets the contest requirements and re-submit it to the contest.

 - Entry must be a recipe for a drink
 - Entry must be a full Instructable with steps and original pictures
 - If the entry is a mocktail, the title needs to end with "Mocktail"

Thanks again for entry and good luck in the competition!

Good luck,
Instructables Robot

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lemonie7 years ago
Could be a careless CTRL-C-V or some poor overworked half-asleep intern in zombie-mode making the same?

 I think it is a glitch in the robot's programming.
Hello Kitty (author)  Doctor What7 years ago
Hello Kitty (author) 7 years ago
When I got this in my email, I laughed so hard. I called Lith over to see and we laughed about it for awhile, but she told me to submit a bug. I was just going to post it in the main forums for everybody to see, but decided just put it in bugs :-).
Well you know what to do...

Make a nice cocktail or mocktail with your sewingmachine ;)
Oh my god, oh my god! Oh, looks like the contest text got rolled back to a previous version. Odd. Fixed now.
Contest Robot must have still been sampling the entries from the last contest.