Share a photo of you in your happy (making) place!

I was in my garage the other night creating a big mess and a lot of noise, when I looked down and realized I was covered with sawdust and wood shavings.

My immediate thought was, "This is my happy place!" . . . and I decided to snap a photo. 

Got a photo of you in your happy (making) place?

Whether you're surrounded by yards of fabric, hands covered in clay, whipping up something tasty, soldering iron in hand . . . we'd love to see some photos of you doing what you love--making stuff!

I've got some pro memberships to give away, and maybe even a few robot t-shirts! 

This is a standing offer. Share a comment and a photo below!

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Yonatan241 year ago

"Me" was busy, but Mr. Mess wanted to come over and say hi

I wanted to share a before and after picture, but there is no such a thing as 100% done, so I can only share a "half-after" picture if anyone is interested ;)


Well, I'll see your workdesk and raise you with my mess...organized chaos.

Good use of an upturned tabletop and I like that you mounted a vise and that paper towel holder. Dunno about keeping your tools on the wall with the pointy things exposed.

Messy desk contest!!!


I've now changed the whole thing to 3 white melamine boards that I found. Pointy things exposed? Screwdrivers?

I've changed the whole setup, but one thing hasn't changed:


It's those pair of scissors in your pliers rack. You'll take an eye out if your bend down over it to reach for something...

Oh, those scissors aren't sharp, and I can't even reach that part with my head. I don't need to bend over, because all of the tolls are either at shoulder height, or higher :)

hmm maybe I'm too late I've been stalled on my latest project waiting for a chain saw I think I'll have one in a few weeks!

antoniraj2 years ago

I am always happy to work in our Home Garden

Picture 001.jpg
Moem2 years ago

This is a picture of me, taken by a hacker friend at our local hackerspace. I'm cutting a piece of PCB for one of my projects, and wearing my T-shirt that says 'Makers gonna make'. Definitely a pic of me in my happy place!

seamster (author)  Moem2 years ago


I love the shirt, as well as the fancy apron. Very cool, thank you for the photo!

Moem seamster2 years ago

Thanks! It's a kilt from Blaklader, they're a swedish manufacturer of workwear. Very comfy and sturdy, loads of pockets, you might want to get one yourself too!

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