Share the Love Speed Contest is Closed. Vote!

The Share the Love contest is closed for entries! Voting continues until Thursday at noon PST.

As a reminder, voting is done by giving an Instructable a positive rating. The list of Instructables can be seen here

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Goodhart9 years ago
I am not one to be overly partial to anyone, I am probably the least competitive person I know, but I do have to say that, after looking at all the things in this category, I like this particular one the best, for a lot of reasons. I am just kind of sad that is it not being discovered... *sigh*
I haven't any personal affiliation with this instructable....I just like the message...
Yeah, there are a lot of good ones that haven't been found. I think maybe because of the new contest page format and the overwhelming amount of entries people give up on going through all of them. :P More than anything, though, I'm upset about all the downvoting and ballot stuffing going on.
Downvoting ?
Well, you know, back when people still had the option! :P I watched many instructables go up and down in the ratings, including mine. But then again, people might have been downvoting because they were upset I was winning in ratings or just because they found my instructable offensive, haha. Oh well. :)
fungus amungus (author)  jessyratfink9 years ago
There was a funny corollary to that. Some people were making multiple accounts to vote their own Instructables down. This was to hide how well they were doing.
HA! Wow, people confuse me. I knew there were some shady birds about, but that's really weird. :P
that reminds me of:
Oh ok, well I only put a link up to this one here, because of the message of autism awareness, it doesn't mean I didn't vote for others I thought were good too.
I know. :) I just figured since you were commenting on the contest, I'd comment too!
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