Sharing a Night of Photographic Insomnia: HAYCORNS Version

The night just seemed to get weirder and weirder...  and then it carried into the next day...  It started off with me finding a bunch of pretty acorns and then remembering that acorns are called haycorns in Winnie the Pooh and that Tigger hates haycorns and then I noticed that some of the acorns looked like they had little hats and then I remembered the Silly Hats Convention and so forth...

I wouldn't recommend going on a photography binge while sleep deprived.

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Kiteman7 years ago
If that's what insomnia makes you contribute to the site, may I make this contribution to the cause?

Those photos are reet grand.
AngryRedhead (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
Ha!  Thanks!
lemonie7 years ago
Nice pictures, thanks.

Ugh, you just reminded me, I'm supposed to be asleep, so I can get up early, to make jam, before taking the dog to the acupuncturist.
caitlinsdad7 years ago
kelseymh7 years ago
And now you've infected the rest of us with your weirditude.  The only thing that could make it any better would be to put together a slideshow with a music track...perhaps Disney's old WtP theme?