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Hey everyone! I've been making instructables in an attempt to bring more traffic to my blog. It's all about safety razor shaving and why its better than the traditional cartridge razor shaving.  Could anyone offer any tips or tricks to increasing traffic to my site? Also, please feel free to comment on my most recent instructable.

and my instructable:

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Kiteman7 years ago
If I were you, I would post the whole process in one Instructable (note spelling!), called something like How to Wet-Shave, and include all the steps from lather and skin-preparation all the way through to aftershave treatment.

Are you going to be using a cut-throat razor, modern disposable or an old-style disposable-blade razor?

Eww, that's a terrible title, "How to shave like a man", now that's a title.
Ka-bar and a splash of swamp water. That's the ticket.
How to Shave Like a Maker; mask off the area with duct tape, then grind off the stubble with a dremel.

How to Shave Like a Professional Maker. Kids, don't ever try this at home.
That's a thought - where's Billy these days?
Met him at the Maker Faire NYC, he is the dude with dreadlocks. If you look really close, there are embedded LEDs in his hair. He was going to put up an ible on it but he might have licked the pair of 9v batteries he used. Still going to school, I think.
Wow, he's changed since his giant match days!
Yeah, I hardly recognized him myself :-)
and you were standing next to him in the picture? He must be one of those group photograph crashers.
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