Shaving: Electric vs. Manual

Alright so here goes the argument: Which method of cleansing your face from unwarranted hair and stubble is better? The age old shaving with a disposable razor and your favorite cream, or perhaps using a more expensive but quicker and safer electric, even if you get a not as close shave. Let's see what you have to say...

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I'm an internet tough guy, I shave with a broken beer bottle dipped in kerosene.
Wolfpack871 (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
Yeahh, that's the third un-mentioned unconventional approach...
You lost me when you said an electric was quicker.
Wolfpack871 (author)  Tool Using Animal9 years ago
With an electric razor you don't have to use cream, this cuts time (at least for me) by almost half.
Ahh I see, the couple of times i tried electric i spent so much time trying to get a decent shave I gave up. I prefer a blade, but having a beard it doesn't take but a moment to shave.
I used an electric one once upon a time, made me itch like a rabid dog with fleas and a pink umbrella. I find the old straight razors very appealing, with their antique-ish beauty and whatnot, though the safety and maintenance issues are dissuading. -cut your face open, then wipe your razor on a leather strap so it's sharp for the next time you cut your face open-
Vendigroth9 years ago
'disposable razor' LOL *heh heh heh* Oh, dear me...
I use a disposable razor but w/ water instead of shaving cream. Actually.. sometimes I don't even use water, I just shave dry w/ a disposable... I dunno, seems to work for me =).
Same here... I normally just dry shave... Ever tryed a bit of talcum powder..?
Lftndbt9 years ago
I have very coarse facial hair combined with sensitive skin...
All shaving creams irratate my skin, even the sensitive ones.
I know it seems weird but I have been dry shaving using talcum powder instead of cream... does not irritate my skin and allows the blade to cut the hair better... Weird but it work's...

Anyway's got a phillishave for christmas and the electric gives me a far closer shave than a disposable..
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