Shell ejecting airgun??

Im making an marble air gun just like the one the teach you how to do at and i was wondering if anyone could give drawings on how to make the marble gun eject shells? Is it possible on a home air gun? Please tell me beucause it would be really nice if i could eject shells on my homemade marble gun. And not only that but another question as well: Can i make bullets myself from melted tin? EDIT: I just made some drawing and i was wondering what your openion is.

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lemonie10 years ago
Well you put a shell in it... Or are you asking how to amke shells for it? W/ref bullets, use lead (roofing, wheel-balancing weights, fishing-weights) or solder? L
Enzo55 (author)  lemonie10 years ago
I´m asking how to amke shells for the gun. And i kinda liked to know how i could pop the shell up in the air like on a real shotgun our airshotgun. Example: Termanator shotgun. "Is it bolt action?" Yes it is bolt action. Just google building a marble air gun.
lemonie Enzo5510 years ago
OK, how would these shell be different to the marbles? What do you want these shells to do?
Please see NachoMahma also

Enzo55 (author)  lemonie10 years ago
The shell would have a bb in it. After the bb´s gone from the shell, the shell would pop up. Just for fun. The shells just for fun. For display.
Im making a somewhat similar thing for a prop gun to use in film, i live on an island where guns are illegal, making bullet shells hard to come by, my solution was to take a dead AA battery and strip the cover off. what you get is a plain cylinder with dull metal case. You could spray paint it brass from there if you'd like.
NachoMahma Enzo5510 years ago
. If you're using .177 or .22 BBs, then lemonie's idea of using .22 brass will probably work, though you may have problems efficiently transferring energy to the projectile. . If you have a larger caliber, then most cartridges are center fire and will have a hole for the primer that you may be able to use to eject your bullet.
lemonie Enzo5510 years ago
The easiest way to do this would be to mod a real .22 automatic weapon, and find some real (empty) shells. Difficult either way. L
NachoMahma10 years ago
. I'm confused. Do you want to make faux shotgun shells out of Tin, or do you want to make "marbles" for ejection down the barrel while a "shell" is ejected out the side? Tin will probably be too heavy for anything close to 12ga size. Even a .410 size Tin slug is going to be awful heavy. Aluminum might be better and would be easy to obtain (beverage cans). . Or are you wanting to cast your own bullets for a "real" gun? Pure Tin is much too hard for bullets. Bullets are mostly Lead or other soft metal. . Not to mention the dangers of handling molten metal of any sort. Not something for the beginning DIYer.
Is it bolt action?