Shenanigans! - your "premium membership" and PDFs

I was browsing an article to get the full article PDF download. I was not logged in at the time since you can still browse the site without logging in (for how much longer I don't know).I was shocked to read in a tool tip that "a benefit of the premium membership is the ability to download and print the PDF for $4.95 per year" Outraged at reading this, I logged in only to make a complaint. When in the course of confirming the price for the comment I noticed I had access to the PDF. Now if I were a new user and looking into collecting as much article information as possible, and saw this tool tip I would sign up for the premium member to get the PDF. Even though I don't need to. Please correct the text of that tool tip to not mislead what few users you may still have.

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Kiteman8 years ago
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Outrage? From someone who has, since Oct of 2007, contributed NOTHING to the community other than this thread? Laughable. $4.95 a YEAR and the whine goes out that Instructables is somehow no longer egalitarian. Pathetic

Yes, I know this isn't nice, please feel free to flag it.
boter2099 (author)  Tool Using Animal8 years ago
I'm sorry Tool, I miss the point of your argument. Are you saying that because I didn't feel it necessary to post about how to grind your own meat, or how I spent my summer vacation that my feelings towards the future of this site are any less worthy than yours? Who do you think reads the projects you seem to think the all important benchmark? I could point out that to the logical person, the fact that in the two years since I created this account (which is not my first, but that's another tale) that this is the first time I've witnessed something important enough to speak up - that to me, this issue holds more weight than yet another home hydroponics post. But instead I'll leave you with that famous quote by Abe Lincoln "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."
No, I'm saying that there have been numerous threads about the future of instructables, but instead of contributing to them you make an ex post facto complaint. And since your motivation seems to be financial, well....... Secondly, if you're trying to get under my skin, it won't work, but thanks for trying. Lastly, it's better to be thought a fool, than remain silent and by doing so, fail to exist.
Act a' fool!
Lost me there, Bumpus.
Just an expression I guess..
After a bit of googlin' I found it to be a song by Lil John feat. 3-6 Mafia..
I've never heard of the song to begin with.. ._.
next time go with "I pity the fool...", Mr. RoboT
My life is fulfilled in that one picture. Wait! It needs Chuck norris.
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