Shift boot???

Would anyone like a DIY on making a shift boot for your car?

big v7 years ago
please make an instructable on making or changing a shifter boot i have an old supra i just got and the boots sliding down it it looks ridiculous. Thnx
Morte_Moya (author) 10 years ago
Cool. I just wanted to make sure that at least one personn would read it before I did it. LOL I will put i up tomorrow sometime. Thanks for the reply.
Kiteman10 years ago
Is a "shift boot" the lump you hold at the top of a gear stick, or the bellows affair at the bottom of gear sticks in older cars? Either way, they would probably be welcome by somebody, somewhere (google finds things on instructables, so if somebody wants to make a shift boot, they could end up here).
Kiteman Kiteman10 years ago
> google < Oh, it's the bellows thing - go for it.