Shiny Paper

I recently puchased the book "Brain Jack" and the cover is made of that reflective paper that has an almost prismatic effect, i was curious to know if there is a way to MAKE this kind of paper as opposed to buying it.

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Goodhart7 years ago
Yes, however for my craft it has to be a paper rather than a foil, which won't hold a crease or fold. But it looks great.
The first link is paper (or, so it says), I suppose "plastic" would be the worst at holding a fold or being folded at all.
Yes. For some time I noticed that "gift wrap" became foil only. Maybe great as gift wrap but no good for my crafty needs. It used to be paper with a foil layer.
That' s why I started to use gift bags, they are stiffer than I need but ok.
laoweily026 years ago
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shabaki (author) 6 years ago
as scanning it did not produce the effect i have tryed to describe i took another look at goodhart's second link and it appears to be close to but not exactly the same, the cover appears to be a single constant piece of what makes up each individual square in the photo of the diffraction so in all actuality i had it backwards as the foil in the cover is a more plain version of whats in your second link.
shabaki (author) 6 years ago
srry had some internet connection redoign lately but ill scan a pic of the book but the cover has an almost prismatic effect , as when you get the reflection of a light source on it it has the light seperated into the red green and blue strpis as if it passed through a prism.

@goodhart its not quite that as the papers in your link were more of a plain foil but the cover of the book is more of a slightly prism like foil atached to paper
EuroMoney6 years ago
Looks nice. Thanks for the link @nacho
craftyv7 years ago
I want this answer too. I use a lot of what I call, holographic paper, for my crafts. See: Free Fun. (my 1st. Instructable) by Craftyv. I simply collect pieces from wherever I see them during the year, Op shops, discount stores, garage sales, summer sales etc. so I have a good supply when I need them.
Looking forward to Instructables help with this. Thanks.
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