Shipments from Instructables lacking...

A while back i was a co-first place winner of the Kit Design Challenge that ended on June 7th. It took over a month for the prize to ship. I got confirmation of the shipment form the Instructables Robot on July 17th. I found it odd that no tracking number for the shipment was included in the message. It has now been nearly a month later and i have not received the package yet. I also won a prize in the Spy Challenge around the same time frame. That prize pack shipped on July 11th and was receive about 2 weeks later. Once again the message confirming the package had been sent did not have a tracking number in it. I had to sign for that package so i know there was a tracking number available. There is more to that story but that's something i need to bring to Fedex's attention.

So is there any way the confirmation messages can start including the tracking numbers for the shipments? Also is there any way i can get the tracking number for the missing package so i can look into what the problem is?  If the package was sent via Fedex (like the last one was) then i'm starting to have a serious issue with how Fedex runs things and will have to make a complaint to them. It shouldn't take over 4 weeks for even the cheapest shipping option to go from CA to MD. It can be trucked across the US in a weeks time.

Any help anyone can give me on tracking this done, or letting me know who i need to talk to to help improve the way these things are handled, would be greatly appreciated.

mikeasaurus2 years ago
Just send us an email at with your username, email address, and the contest and we'll sort you out.
That's bad; I'd make sure they have your address and shipping details correct, and email/notify them multiple times for sure. This isn't something to be ignored.
Im am also still waiting for 3 prizes, still havent seen the book I won in the 3d design comp which was announce on the 22 of Oct. how long do I wait?
do I email someone?
Send an email to, they'll be able to sort you out.
DoctorDv2 years ago
I recieved an upverter tshirt from this challenge and I didn't recieve it until August 10th.
Tomdf2 years ago
I am in the middle of a similiar experience, and I completely agree with mpilch.
I also think you guys need a cool branded prize box, something like those red ones that Sparkfun uses.
mpilchfamily (author)  Tomdf2 years ago
I blame Fedex!

I've never had problems with UPS or the postal service. But anything shipped fedex is slow to arrive or goes missing.
ShadyLogic2 years ago
Hey mpilchfamily, I think I can address these issues.

The Kit Design Challenge was sponsored by Upverter, and the prize was a tshirt from their company. Getting the prizes shipped from this contest took a little longer than usual because we had to wait for everybody to give us their sizes, have the shirts sent to us from Upverter, and then mail everything out.

I agree with you that we should be including a tracking number with our shipments. It's a little complicated because we use a third party shipping company to handle our packages, but I think that making sure you guys know where you prizes are is a valuable thing to work on.

I'll have a discussion with our shipping provider to see how we can work out a system to include tracking numbers with our shipment notifications.

If you have any other suggestions or concerns, I encourage you to email me at Feedback like this is very helpful and appreciated.
mpilchfamily (author)  ShadyLogic2 years ago
I should be getting the Leatherman tool as well.
I'm sending you a PM so we can discuss the specifics of your prizes.
Kiteman2 years ago
There's been a recent staff-change in that area - I've passed this on to those that need to know.

To other readers; questions like this get a faster response if they are emailed to