Shocker at Instructables HQ

Hey all! I just got into town for the Maker Faire and I went to Instructables HQ a bit early today and I found something that I found quite shocking. This is clearly not for the weak of heart, but I have some revealing photographs of the robot relaxing on the job. The following photo was taken early this morning, be prepared:

In other news, I hope to shouldertap you all at the Instructables booth tomorrow and Sunday!

Picture of Shocker at Instructables HQ
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Keith-Kid8 years ago
Goodhart is the instructables robot?!?!!!
I do not approve of this post! Lamedust! WHY?! WHYY?!!!
. pssssssttttt. KK. There is no Santa Claus and the Easter bunny is a myth.
Yeah, right! Next you're gonna say my hamster, my cat, my other hamster, my turtle, my parrot, my iguana, my puppy, my butterfly, my worms, my clam, my ostrich, my tortoise, my fish, my other fish, my starfish, my pigeon and my bunny didn't really go away to summer camp and liked it so much they decided to move there! And what about all these postcards I got from them? Huh?! Did my parents fake these? Huh?? The animals in these pictures are just cutouts from National Geography Magazine?
Wha....wait, you have worms? I know of a good de-wormer...she's inexpesive too.
At least your parents told you that, mine said a certain ethnic group down the road probably ate them for dinner
Wow.....that must haveve lead to some interesting situations...
that does not compute....
scoochmaroo8 years ago
The Robot is a Lie.
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