Shotgun design (constructive criticism welcome!)

Alright, this is my new shotgun design.  I have been working on it since I decided to get back into K'nex, however, right now I don't have the pieces to build it, so it will remain a concept for now.  It includes a horizontal magazine that I have designed, a pump, and TD's ram.  The ammo will feed into a mechanism similar to that on the zkar, pushing it upward so that it rests on a pusher which is located right below the barrel.  This pusher is externally connected to the rod in the front and is held in the forward position by a rubber band.  When the pump is pulled back, the ram is cocked, and the loading ram is moves back as well, placing the ammo right below the barrel.  When the pump is pushed forward, it pushes the loading ram forward, loading the ammo into the barrel.  

Though this model is not proportionate, I think it accurately gets the idea across, and I was hoping you could give me feedback as to what could be wrong with the design, or you can just feel free to tell me how much you love it.  Eventually I plan on adding a stock that houses a bullpup sling mech, using the guide on the ram to act as a pusher for the rear BTS of the sling gun.  

I am pretty sure I can pull this off, but I need the pieces first, so feel free to test this concept out and let me know what you think.  Thanks.


* note in the key it says that the green circles are protruding rods, this is a mistake and the blue circles are actually the protruding rods

Picture of Shotgun design (constructive criticism welcome!)
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If you lived in Melbourne, I'd gladly let you borrow my K'nex :(
BALLISTA7 years ago
A picture of it would be nice. >_>
~KGB~7 years ago
thats looks hard lol!
Kinetic (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
Yeah, and it is going to require an odd layout in terms of the layers because a pump will have to fit smoothly over it (at least for the barrel). It also is going to need several ball joint sockets, which I have none of. It looks good on paper, but it may turn out being too tough a build.
Use a wider pump- not all the guns have to be 5 layers!
Kinetic (author)  TheFoofinator7 years ago
This one does because it has to house 3 bullets side by side.
use a yellow rod
~KGB~ Kinetic7 years ago
kk, that happens to me, i think its gonna work but it doesnt lol
Kinetic (author)  ~KGB~7 years ago
Ugh yeah I hate that. Just keep trying and thinking.
~KGB~ Kinetic7 years ago
tell me about it...
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