Should I make my Ubuntu server an instructable?

I built a headless Ubuntu server,with an embedded screen (connected to a custom internal s-video header). Its purpose is website and email hosting, as well as SAMBA sharing and BitTorrent Downloads. The server is accessible via Webmin, SSH, or (last resort) a KVM connected another of the home's computers. In addition to the embedded screen, there is also an internal amplified speaker (connected to a usb sound card) for alerts. The basic question is, should I make an instructable? The reason this question is asked is that I did not document the build as I went; therefore, any illustrations included with the instructable would be graphics, diagrams, sketches, and photos of the completed build. What do you think?

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Goodhart10 years ago
It might help me get over my jitters on just inserting the bootable disk for a trial :-)
lol all you have to do is stick it in. and boot from it. nothing is written to your hard drive so you wont screw anything up. the worst that will happen is it will not be able to boot from the cd. of course i guess there could be that freak accident where the cd drive catches fire and burns your house down, but what are the odds of that happening?
Ok, I finally got the nerve and the time to stick the Ubuntu 6.06.1 CD in the drive and reboot (to boot from it) The menu I got was less than intuitive as far as just booting from the CD. Everything looked like an install, and when I tried to just look at "additional options" it started to install (or so it said|), so I aborted that. Now I am a bit on edge about it again.
It should be the very first item on the menu. It will say something about installing, but it will load the live CD. There will be an icon on the desktop to install it from there. Unless you downloaded the alternate CD, which does not load the live CD, and then it might try to install it.
gschoppe (author)  its a lion9 years ago
in the standard 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) install menu, the first option is "Start or Install Ubuntu". Selecting this option will run the Live CD. The dialogs about installing should just refer to components being loaded to a temporary RAM Drive for that session only. Once in the Live CD you will have the option of installing to your hard drive... however, I do recommend starting with Gutsy... its difficult to justify upgrading later, but community support for older versions wanes, the further back you go.
Gusty is prettier too. I couldn't remember what the option was called, but yep, thats the thing you need to select.
Well, I am familiar with "worst case scenarios" from the past, and maybe I am too paranoid, but I have had (again, in the past ) pointers messed up from introducing a program to a machine, that would not allow it to boot afterwards. This not "technically" being my machine (even though the wife and I share most everything else, including the payments for it), I am still a bit hesitant....but I am sure it is only unfounded paranoia.....well, not really sure of it, but am leaning that way *LOL*
LasVegas Goodhart10 years ago
Usually, what causes a hangup on startup is when you enable a feature but don't configure it properly. The feature starts and gets lost looking for or interpreting its config files. One tiny syntax (computer grammar) error can negate an entire script/process.

When following instructions for any background task in your OS. First read the whole procedure before starting. Double and triple-check your work before restarting. And finally, know how to turn off the feature from command-line mode or startup in "Safe" mode in case it does malfunction.
Goodhart LasVegas10 years ago
And at very least, set a return point, in case all else fails. I am just normally nervous about certain things I am not as familiar with.
sardines45410 years ago
YES!!!! i think it would make a great 'ible. i have been wanting to do this but havn't found a good tutorial that i understand well enough to setup a server.
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