Should I post?

This is a new gun I made after finding about Ipod Killer's "innovative" trigger system. It uses Mepain's ram and part of the Burito Master's clip for his scar gun. The clip pushes up the ammo by itself, so all ya gotta do is pull the ram then trigger. It also uses a spring to absorb the shock of the ram.

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mutt256 (author) 9 years ago
after messin with it figured out the gun was a peice of crap trust me the whole thing snaps in half when u fire it
mutt256 (author)  mutt2569 years ago
well when u put more than 1 rubber band it does snap in half
MI69 years ago
looks like a halo smg a bit.. yeh please POST !!!!!!
Pumpkin$9 years ago
lol check out this guy's group r u wonely?
mutt256 (author)  Pumpkin$9 years ago
theres peeps that want to join but for reason i cant approve them
r u running ie (internet exporer) of FF ( firefox)? I found the same thing happening until i did it in a different browser after logging out
okoshima9 years ago
hes already posted... but kitemans law... and i say yes as i think i need to get some knex haha
Why does a K'nex gun need a recoil spring for shock absorbtion?
mutt256 (author)  heavy.metal.nguyen9 years ago
i just put it on becasue i got lot of springs left over from makin perfect duck's red impact.
dsman1952769 years ago
nothing new. the clips on a gun have always pushed the ammo up by them selfs. just put a rubberband on it. i guess you could post. is not the best gun but its better then a bad block trigger. just make sure you give everybody credit(not saying you havent allready.)
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