Should I post My double barreled knex gun?

Please gove me some advice on if i should post my gun or not.

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ok a shotgun wouldn't have a bi-pod yur not going 2 need it steady when the buckshot or whatever shells spreads lol take bi pod off looks nice tho
Fresh94 (author)  wantedweponsoffate7 years ago
Dude, It's K'nex. I don't really see any "Buck Shot" happening in K'nex guns. Thx for the comment but I'm just saying.
oh really? look at my forums and tell me how my m-16 is a "disgrace to block triggers?
yes, that sucks too
No it doesn't, it was great for when it was posted.
not realy
Believe me, your M16 is nothing special either. You won't gain any credit copying what other people have already done.
who am i copying?
You're not really copying someone as in making it exactly like someone else's, but it just has nothing new. If your gun has nothing new then at least try and make it look good or something.
oh but I did design it for maximum range and power
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