Should I post My double barreled knex gun?

Please gove me some advice on if i should post my gun or not.

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ok a shotgun wouldn't have a bi-pod yur not going 2 need it steady when the buckshot or whatever shells spreads lol take bi pod off looks nice tho
Fresh94 (author)  wantedweponsoffate6 years ago
Dude, It's K'nex. I don't really see any "Buck Shot" happening in K'nex guns. Thx for the comment but I'm just saying.
Fresh94 (author)  darth acexxacer9 years ago
I don't care about your opinion.
if you don't want opinions, why did you post this forum?
"Please gove me some advice on if i should post my gun or not." then what was the point in asking him. if your not going to listen to people who say no, then why even bother asking.
what makes me lower then everyone else???!?!!!!!!!????????
Because you r picture is a goose eating Bush's balls or something . Only joking :D:D:D
I agree, because if your going to use a camera to take those kind of pictures throughout the instructable, you will get criticed for 'hard to read/ follow instructions.'
Fresh94 (author) 8 years ago
why are people still commenting on this forum. I destroyed that gun ages ago.
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