Should I post now or later?

I am a new instructables user and a few months ago I finished crafting a five octave marimba. This is a musical instrument similar to a xylophone. It took me over a year to complete. It is about 8.5 feet in length, 4 feet wide, and approximately 3 feet tall. I feel that if instructables ever held a music contest then this instructable would almost be a sure win. (Of course I realise that this is only my slightly biased opinion.) I'm afraid that if I post now then a music contest would be announced and I would be out of luck. So I am reaching out to the instructables community. Should I post now, or later?

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maxxxem8 years ago
Post it now!! 5* (your mallest look sick)
Post it now...contests often allow instructables that were published up to a certain time period before hand. And if something is announced a week or two after you publish it, they should let you enter it anyways.

Plus, for a really awesome project, popular pressure may be able to bend the rules a little.
Helpful answering apparently raises all hell though, if you remember, some less established members have gotten very vocal over things like that...
gmoon9 years ago
Wow! Ask the staff--if a music contest is in the works soon, I would wait. They are likely to give you that info... well, as likely as allowing you enter "unfairly."