Should I post?

Should I post this new design? it has a true trigger and no frame. cool handle, too you might be able to make it from the pictures. P.S. I just got micro knex! yay micro knex guns! Imagine having a micro shifle! that would be sick!

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biggunner6 years ago
if i was still into knex i would build this again, it was a pretty good gun when i build it like 3 yrs ago.. but now im into real guns, they hurt more then a knex gun, lol
If you have to ask permission to post, its definately not worth posting.
guyfrom7up9 years ago
with all due respect I hate knex stuff. Why doesn't anyone post on how to make stuff like airsoft guns from scratch?
I would post on how to replace gearboxes (For Airsoft) and stuff, but I'm just too darn lazy.
That didn't block this post, or some other k'nex ones, either. At least add (k'nex) in the title.
nerfer192 (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
ya now what i say to that? i say NEW INSTRUCTABLE COMING SOON!
Please make sure the spelling and grammar in your Instructable are better than in that post!
ya, a simple one too, not like that guy that built one from all these convenient parts, i built one that could give welts from 40 feet, but you hd to pump up to 150psi for each shot, unless i used my compressor, i wanna see a good spring bb gun, that you could make out of readily available stuff, like pipes and tubes and stuff you find in hardware stores.
nerfer192 (author)  guyfrom7up9 years ago
i actually have made a home made airsoft gun but it kinda sucked
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