Should There be age divisions in the contests?

From what I've seen there are a fair amount of people under 18. So my question is: Should we have age divisions?
Please give me your imput on this.

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OutOfTime3 years ago

In my opinion the best contest are ones with a vast variety of ideas and opinions. What better way to achieve this than by having contestants of all ages. I think its fun to see all the different ways of thinking that people have, young and old alike should be able to participate so long as they understand what it's about.

Kiteman5 years ago
As I recall, a number of major contests have been won by young Makers.

Age-divided contests are a nice idea, but it would be almost impossible to police the true ages of entrants,

vroom...vroom... (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
I guess even if you where lying all you have to do do is go off the age of their profile. And besides, what pearson on THIS website would lie?

Good point. I (really) am 17, been on here since 2009. Birthday soon, so that'll be updated as needed...

Yes, I removed it because you might be crazy of seeing the correct words. Thank you!

i think there should be contests for kids from 16 and younger. most winners on this site are professional people at what they do. on the workshop contest there is a self made trailer. how is any one without the help of an adult supposed to beat that! i entered the fort contest when it first started and pretty soon people were putting forts up that you could have lived in. I'm not saying ALL contests should have an age limit but at once in a while there should be, and if an adult changes their age then that's pretty mean to take a kids chance at at least getting a small prize. i really hope the authors of instructables see this and put a couple age restrictions on one or two contests. please think about this instructables.

There are many mistakes bro...

1. You should use double quotes when quoting someone directly. Single quotes go inside double quotes.

2. You should not have put an ellipsis, space, then a comma in 3.

3. "I lied the age" and "you wrong again" are not grammatically correct. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you were channeling Yoda on purpose.
1. You shouldn't use three full stops.

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3. I used double quotes. Watch them carefully again. I guess you should go to a psychologist to be sure about what you have read. You should also go to optic expert to show what is wrong with your eyes. Thank you!
1. It's called an ellipse, and can be used to show an extended pause.

2. So what? Your "correct" versions are no more correct than the versions Lira gave.

3. You have conveniently deleted the post, so nobody can read (not watch) them "again". I guess you need to read site's policy statement and terms of service before you decide to post any more libellous statements.
Aaaahhhmmmmm,............. I can smell the scent of danger here.

Oh well, nothing to do with this forum, I am smelling danger. Outta this forum before get caught.
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