Should i post this gun????

Should i post this gun???? it will be my first gun specifications: uses low amount of pieces uses a firing mechanism similar to the killerk srv1 firing mechanism, has a good range if you use a small rubberband defects: it is made with small pieces

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if you built in the normal sized knex then yeah but otherwise no
if you add a little more detail maby you could add it.
MI69 years ago
It doesnt look very good but i bet soemone wants to mod it... ANyway, kiteman's theory
oodalumps9 years ago
gomas211 (author)  oodalumps9 years ago
why not
don't complain, you asked!
in fairness to him, he may just be asking why not to see what's wrong with it! dont jump to conclusions just like that
Lmao that's soooo true. Almost every forum like this someone will say "no", and the person will ask why not, or get mad.
gomas211 (author)  Trauts9 years ago
i just say why not because i like it
Trauts gomas2119 years ago
Ok I guess.
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