Should i remake my p90 and make it even better?

Well i was thinking about remaking my p90. i tried it before, and that version took a turn for the worst. if i remake it, it will have as much detail as the real one, and also have some attachments. also if you guys have any ideas to help me with it, just tell me, or you could make a part of the gun if i get stuck making it and i will add you as a collaborator on the instructable. if i get alot of people who want me to remake it, i will. (the picture below is the p90 im thinking of making, a rail would be better for attachments instead of having a red dot or iron sights only)

Picture of Should i remake my p90 and make it even better?
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leafydave7 years ago
how is it going
~KGB~ (author)  leafydave7 years ago
its going ok...
I still say yes, and I'll offer up my assistance, if you need it that is.
~KGB~ (author)  Fred the Penguin7 years ago
kool! im gonna need help off people on the front area cause of the rail and all that...
I can help.
~KGB~ (author)  Raikou-san7 years ago
kool, thanks, ill call you if i need any help...
TheChemiker7 years ago
~KGB~ (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
I mean it. You got us all hyped up about the first one, and said you were going to post it. Then you didn't, and said you were going to post an even better v2. You failed everyone there too. Why should I believe you can do it this time, when you are saying you are quitting knex?
~KGB~ (author)  TheChemiker7 years ago
fine i wont...................
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