Should minecraft be a Topic under the menu play

Post to see if there should be a place for minecraft on instructables XD

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iamboredalot (author) 5 years ago
Yes pie your concern is valid about physical projects but who says theres not room for other non-physical projects. There's always room for change. Most minecraft forums dont have instructions. Minecraft is very popular around everywhere so where ever your living monsterlego, your either living in a cave or under your bed. This ones for kiteman, how many creative games are there really??? Hmmmm... minecraft, little big planet, mod nation racers... wait there are no more!!! There are over 5 million people playing this, is an internet phenomena and it would change the instructables community for the better. Any other complaints??
I actually live in a cave under my bed.

Anyway, i think minecraft is awesome, but it would be weird to separate it from the games section.
you play minecraft?
No, but i know a lot of people who do.
kool...enderman are sit in your house you see one outside them BOOM and he is inside.
iamboredalot (author)  iproberry15 years ago
new ocelots coming exited?
iamboredalot (author)  iproberry15 years ago
VERY excited just got struck by lightning... Bad thing or Good? you decide XD
iamboredalot (author)  monsterlego5 years ago
not neccersarily just a category in a catergory :?
Categorical inception doesn't work.
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