Show Me Your Epic Fail Projects!

Any good maker will tell you to accept and embrace the process of iteration. And a natural product of that iterative process is failure. You learn a lot by trying something, being less-than-successful, and then attempting it again. It's the act of picking yourself up and trying again that helps dissolve the fear associated with failure.

I'm interested to see your most epic failures! Share photos, videos, and stories of your fails from project builds: Slumping, cracking, burned, melted, misshapen… it's all part of the learning process. Can't wait to see how you messed up. :)

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belsey3 years ago

Tried to make urea by boiling pee... Burnt it an nearly suffocated to death instead....

ilpug belsey5 months ago

Are you an alchemist?

that might be an outdoor or fume hood project.

If I try this again, I think I'd just use a shallow pan and put it outside in the hot summer sun to evaporate very gently -- but since I live in an apartment building I think my neighbors might be upset to find that dish in our community garden....

go to the park with a campstove to boil it. If anyone asks, you are making the traditional chinese summer eggs. Boiled in pee . The concentrated electrolytes are supposed to prevent heat stroke. Mmmmm yeah.

I'd never heard of Chinese summer eggs... might just have to try it (outside though!). Basically hard boiled with pee rather than water? Other interesting uses for urine: the Romans used old pee to brush their teeth (apparently Portuguese pee was considered the best) -- which makes sense in a way, because it's sterile, and if you let pee sit you'll get some ammonia in there. Also used to treat wool before dying it.

I'm still getting over Bear Grylls drinking his own pee in survival circumstance. Good knowledge for emergencies, I guess. My recollection: pee is sterile for a brief time, but not a day or 2 after peeing. Perhaps once it is fully aged, it's like alcohol, or yoghurt. Dunno what bugs would live in ammonia.

I don't recall where I read about the eggs, but yeah. Hard boiled in the pee of "Virgin boys" IIRC.

I salute the scientist inside!

Now, THAT is hilarious! Did you jump back in the saddle and try it again?

No... I was afraid if I tried again I'd ruin a pot AND my marriage... I talked about it in my author's interview if you want to hear the whole sad story....

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