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Okay, I am totally bored right now SOOOO..... Post all of your time wasting avatars to show off

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xACIDITYx9 years ago
There were just a few of mine. I think I might go back to the Hitler Smiley, though. Thoughts?
Don't go back to the Hitler smilie.
Aw... but it's so cute and opressive!
I personally find that joke to be in very poor taste. I know you are aware of the Holocaust, but seriously, the things that happened are unspeakably evil. We should not celebrate the evil man behind it.
ZOMG. Please, please, I beg you, please lighten up.
I'm sorry, but I believe there are certain things that should not be joked about, including mass murder and genocide.
>:O I was just about to make a forum topic about how every time I think about posting a comment i scroll down and ~BLAM~ someone else said it 8 minutes ago. And I was just bout to be like "BRAAAGH hitler is offensive" and oh look Adrian Monk has just defeated me again, even though I am a month late.... But still....

I feel as though the INSTRUCTO-world is against me and will forever oppress my comment total!

*deep breaths*
Haha. You snooze, you loose.

But still, I encourage you to express your opinion anyhow-it's no less valid a month later! Especially when it meshes with mine.
i agree, because im
i also agree, because i'm

uhh... ME
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