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Okay, i know that an acronym of the title of this forum would be STAB (sort of appropriate, really. Heh.) but seriously:
What's everyone been up to?
I think i'll start this off by posting a pic of my 2 newest knives
Werl, actually, the integral one's been finished for ages, but i only got around to finishing it off lately, but the triangular-ish bladed one's been made in only 2 days (usually i take a break of a few weeks before finishing, so that's out of the ordinary for me)
The handle slabs are an unidentified hardwood (padauk, i think), the bolsters are mild steel, with mild steel pins, blued with bluing solution, and the blade's 440-C
If anyone wants me to, i'll put up an instructable on how to make one like this, and on how to make a kitchen paring knife.
Post your pics here, tho make them pics of FINISHED jobs, please.
That way, i'll have to post far fewer.

Just finished this...2 weeks ago, hence the rust.
Nice persian-y slicer.

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abbabibble28 years ago
New instructable out!
(finally got around to flowers for you!)


here's a little ornamental cross I made recently
topmonkey8 years ago
Well I just got my first:
<a href="http://s177.photobucket.com/albums/w219/ninusyim/?action=view&current=buh1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w219/ninusyim/buh1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

His name is Roger (don't ask me why, it just came to me). He is only 70 lb but he is brand new:) Very nice rebound. Now on to the forge (does any one know anything about a refractory mortar called siarset?).
you lucky bugger! i STILL don't have a true anvil. I'm using railroad track and it's good but it's not totally flat everywhere. I need to mill it down.... It's really easy to make your own refractory cement. I did for my current forge and it works great.
the only reason I asked about the sairset is because I have 150 lb of it some one gave me. I'm just curious if it is going to keep flaking or something (I would like to build a gas forge which means it is going to need to cover the thing 360). The stuff is covered with warnings (its going to be a rebreather, long sleave and gloves kind of job), but it is rated at 3000 degrees. How did you make yours? I've seen instructions before, just curious what route you went.
also, I was working a little with a piece of track and a small gas torch. The problem I had with the railroad track was the lack of spring the metal has (I got spoiled in my class). The problem with the little map gas and oxygen torch is that the oxygen only last 10 minutes and I can't really get any thing done (plus its costing me too much:(
Well, if you've got it, try it! at a 3000 degree rating that should hold up fine, but the flaking i couldn't really tell you about. If you've got enough of the stuff you can just patch it up if you poke it too hard.
Oh, and what i did for my forge/foundry is I took an old ashcan, and punched a hole in the side near the bottom for the burner, and then i took a pipe and put it through to mold a hole in the cement. THen i packed the cement in the bucket around a piece of chiminey piping and then let it set. I then pulled the pipe and tube out and what was left was my forge. It's a little limiting in size and i'm gonna be moving over to a small charcoal forge soon but it works.
topmonkey8 years ago
Sorry, I myspace too much:)
here's a rose I made a while back from out of copper and iron.
copper rose.jpg
all right! That one is really cool! I don't have quite enough copper/brass sheet to make something like that, but man, would i love to. how did you attach the petals to the stem? standard peening deal?
Yeah, they're all connected by a tenon that passes through the bottom of each layer of petals. I just mushroomed the end to rivet them down. To eliminate any looseness in the petals, I put a little bit of epoxy between each layer. The leaf, which you can only barely see in the photo, consists of copper leaves soldered to a brass leaf stem. The copper I used for it was just some old roof flashing.
Ferrite8 years ago
Just finished this Rail Road Spike Axe.
Ferrite Ferrite8 years ago
Sorry, I forgot the picture.
Nice job! I've been working on a few of those myself, and the hardest bit is slitting the hole. The nifty thing about spikes though, is that you can punch the hole near the spike head, and then form the blade to the other side of the hole. then you can harden both and use the spike head as a hammer poll. I just bought a tomahawk drift to use and i'm gonna be making some more of these as well as handles and such.
To make the hole, I just used another RR spike and hammered it through. I guess I didn't really punch it, but I cut the hole.
I went and finished one of mine today with my new tomahawk drift! (still waiting on handles) It got drifted a tad strange but it still looks cool. It's definately a skullbasher, alright.
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
When i saw that on Don Fogg's forum, i thought you mean drifting as in "going sideways in a car" at first...
This thing is gonna kick so much ass once i get it out to the throwing range tomorrow, even if the handle makes the little piercing head look a tad small.
That handle is much nicer than mine. Looks great.
bet you a dollar it's not. It is (or was, now...) made of ash with a bad bad grain pattern. It snapped on the third throw at our standard stack o' logs target. I'm never buying any handle woods other than hickory now. I'm lucky i bought five of them but i'm not expecting much from them.
I had trouble making a good attachment, yours has the taper towards the end to keep it on, but my eye was too thin and if i used that type of design for my handle, it probably would snap. So I had to make do with pounding some nails into the top and I am sure that if i swung it with any reasonable amount of force, it would dome off. But it has lasted so far. (Not that I have been doing any heavy duty work with it though.)

I'm going to make a nice bearded RR spike axe like this one here next go around...bearded RR spike axe
That is where I got the inspiration for my axe/hatchet! Anvilfire is a great site!
I turned my handle on a lathe, not the best handle though. Your's looks really nice!
abbabibble28 years ago
And i would like an instructable on the one with the watch! that's a nice style knife. I will put up a burner instructable in the near(ish) future, as well.
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
I'll do an instructable on the persian slicer after i do hte instructable on san-mai steel and a straight razor. I'm thinking og doing the san-mai in a few weeks.
awesome. Just what i needed. I want to start shaving with a straight razor rrl rrl bad. ...manly!
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
I cocked up hte hollow grind :'( PAH! I WILL NOT ENTERTAIN THE NOTION OF FAILURE Now..where can i get some 440-C
abbabibble28 years ago
This is my newest knife. I call it my Opi-puukko. The blade (from an old file) was inspired by the finnish puuko, while the handle i outlined from a look at my daily carry folder, a french opinel No. 2 or 3. It has a brass spacer and the wood is poplar. I also am going to make a sheath of the same wood to compliment this one, so stay tuned.
abbabibble28 years ago
Newest knife! the 'Bearclaw!'
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
oh...interesting design.
I really have to tell the truth on this one, My forge is zinc contaminated at the mo, and i needed to satisfy my fix so i found a really really cool site that sells blanks.
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
You need to fix that, and sharpish, even if it means stripping the refractory and starting again. 'Cos then you'll be albe to work again _
Yeah, I'm thinking we'll build another small coal forge and try that out again... I do need to strip the refractory just to be safe about it. I'd prefer to be a few bucks short than dead from heavy metal poisoning.
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
Damn, now i've got zinc! Stupid brass.
Brass has zinc? I had no idea. I got mine from a galvanized (stupid stupid stupid 'bibble) part on the forge. It got hot and it dripped the entirety of its zinc coating into the direct middle of my forge.
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
Yup, it's packed with the stuff.
I've accidentally melted brass in my forge on a couple of occasions, and the zinc has never given me much of a problem. I just crank up the air and head upwind until those pretty blue flames of death go away. I don't know if forge welding would still have been impossible, as I didn't do any on the days the brass was melted. I've forge welded since then, but I clean out my forge regularly anyway. Oh, and just so you know, abbabibble2, brass is commonly around 70% copper and 30% zinc.
Vendigroth (author)  metalliferous8 years ago
I might scrape it out and clean it. Alternatively, i might chuck the entire thing and make a new one.
what site?
Northcoastknives.com the greatest thing is they encourage the modification of the blades they sell, and they have some really pretty handle woods and a lot of stuff to get you started.
Nice! i normally get blanks from my friend but this should rock!
abbabibble28 years ago
I've got a new awesome tomahawk i made! Please comment, tell me what you think.
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
Looks good; how's it made?
It's done with a piece of high carbon steel plate and a fancy douglas hammer handle that i had lying about. This one was mostly ground out and very little hammerwork was put into it, but it still ended up looking really cool.
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
Cool. A nice easy project for beginners then. I considered forge-welding an axe head a few months ago, but decided not to because A: My welding's still haphazard, to say the least. 2: With my tiny little forge-in-a-brick, there's no way i could have folded and welded that much bar.
yeah... my forge isn't hot enough to forge weld, unfortunately, and my newest one got zinc contamination by accident. I need to build one capable of forgewelding badly.
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
I made 2 small welded steel billets in mine, but it really needs to be hotter. There's no way it could deal with folding a bar over to make a tomahawk head, though.
vendi, i had no idea you frequented the Don Fogg forums as well! the funny thing is i recognized you through your unique on-desk-lap-included display pictures!
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
abbabibble28 years ago
'nother update today.
Nice! My dad made some amazing ones back in the day.
Lovely. I've never yet made a rose, and I'd love to see an instructable on one... (*hint hint hint* :) )
alright. once i get this other one up and finished i'll put one up.
Looking forward to it!
That is a single piece of quarter inch barstock, and i polished it a tad with a wire brush on a grinder.
topmonkey8 years ago
So I finished my metalsmithing class today and the sample frame we have been doing all semester. I still need alot of practice, though this is good for a first run I think. I hope to have my own set up soon (I'm working on my own design for a rail way anvil), but for now here are some pics of the frame.
frame 003.jpgframe 006.jpgframe 004.jpgframe 001.jpgframe 007.jpg
nice! That looks good. I wish we had a class up here, but i had (have) to teach myself everything.
abbabibble28 years ago
I'm still putting off the rose Instructable, It'll get done, but i have to do some forge maintenance first. But in the meantime, MORE BRAGGING! 6" blade, Mahogany handle with brass posts. Hardened suede sheath.
abbabibble28 years ago
wow. you like your scrolls, huh? That heart is fantastic. did you forge weld the tips together? I really like the look of the hammered rebar. Good one.
I do like the scrollwork. :) Spent one summer working in Philip Simmons' forge, which gave me a lot of practice turning scrolls.

All of the pieces in the photos are made from scrap from the scrap-bucket at the studio, hence lots of rebar. I do love the look of it, though.

The heart is from a single piece of rebar stock. The thinner part had been very crudely tapered before I pulled it out of the scrap-bucket, and I just evened it out, fiddled with the texture, and twisted it a little. I scrolled each end, folded it around to make the heart, and tapered the fold down to a point. (This makes the fold-point very definitely the weak point of the piece, but as it's ornamental, that doesn't matter so much.)
abbabibble28 years ago
Ok, i've just joined this group, i think, and i've got a few things to show off. My next instructable is going to be how to make one of these and they're really fun: RAILROAD SPIKE KNIVES! If you go out and obtain some make sure they have an HC on the head of the spike. That means they are a high carbon steel, and make pretty good blades.
Vendigroth (author)  abbabibble28 years ago
I'd be doing a great trade in spike knives, if only i could find the spikes. Railway workers 'round here are dilligent.
yeah, i suppose i'm lucky. The workers around here just leave great piles of them lying on the sides of the tracks. Last round i got about 70 of them, and that was only on a small fraction of the track. Mind you, i've checked with my local railyard and they said 'as long as you aren't pulling them from the ties then go ahead. But if we catch you pulling them from ties you'll find your ass in jail so fast it'll make your head spin." So collect legally.
Same here, I find bucket fulls on the side of the tracks near where I live.
tis a similar way I got the coke I used in my forge (coke, as in soft coal burned with a general lack of oxygen to form what they call "coke"). It was spilled all around the railway tracks near my place (the stuff is impossible to light alone though, one still needs coal, but once it gets going, the fire is a hot one).
Today i'm going to go out to my forge and make an updated version of this, by fullering out the handle and blade to make it larger and thinner so i can put a different sort of handle on it. (my instructable, however, is going to be for one like the one above.)
reno_dakota8 years ago
Nice work! I'm very much hoping to get back into a forge again in the spring, but for now here are a some pieces I made earlier this year: - (dull) knives from1/2" rebar stock - heart from 1/2" rebar stock - thumb ring from 3/8" round stock - double spiral pendant, 3.5" long
abbabibble28 years ago
Newest knife! (forge is almost done, and the instructable should be done shortly thereafter.
CyrusII8 years ago
on the image is says i scored a 198, it was out of 200 just too bad California has retarded gun laws, because i would be owning some assault rifles and large caliber rifles,
CyrusII8 years ago
yup first time i shot a gun, i qualified as expert :)
abbabibble28 years ago
Soon to come: how to build a medium to large size propane forge.
Lftndbt8 years ago
My first attempt.... not sure if i'll make it a folding or fixed blade yet... Sorry a bit to shiney for the camera...
Which edge is the sharp edge? That looks like you could turn it into a really good karambit. either way that's really good. How'd you get it so shiny?
The bottom edge is the sharp edge.... Design based similar to a bowei.... But smaller... I am specifically making it for a hunting knife/meat cutting.... Which is why the blade curves up in the center... I was after a nice little sharp curve half way along the blade for nipping sinue before dragging through the rest of the cut to the tip... ;) So shiney.... wet'n'dry with the the grain of the metal, as to not get sideways "fleck" (I found these REALLY annouying when polishing.(try glueing wet'n'dry to glass, then rubbing the knife from tip to tail... not so easy to follow the "grain" if you have your handle impeding the flow). Graduate down to the finest wet'n'dry, when you feel it's removed all the "flecks" in the metal move onto compounds. Cutting compound, rag, and a whole lot of elbow grease.Keep in the same direction from tip to tail... if you rub from blade to the back ... or diagonally, it will just add "flecks" which will make life harder in later steps.. When the cutting compound has removed any blackness of the metal oxidation and tiny "flecks" etc.... move onto Polishing... Standard metal polish seems to work fine... perhaps a specific one for you medium... Than repeat the elbow grease... And you have a shiney knife!
cool. I do like to leave a sort of semi-rough finish on my knives. Soon i'll have a set of instructables up to make a propane forge. I switched to propane for the convienience. I also am able to use the very same burners to fire my foundry.
Ora8 years ago
Here is my first knife I ever made
abbabibble28 years ago
Here's my newest knife to undeadify this group! I LOVE THIS GROUP!
ll.138 years ago
An "Instrucble" would be really good, though forging is something I've never tried yet, it sounds interesting!

I've mainly been working on camouflage at the mo. trying to improve an old piece of camo. netting for a specific area. no camera, no pics. =)
Goodhart ll.138 years ago
*sigh* I wish I still HAD my little forge
Goodhart8 years ago
The only thing I had left from my former forging days, was a partially completed (and now, never to be completed) broadsword I made from the leaf-spring of a pickup truck. I am unable to locate it (it either got lost in one of my moves or my first wife pitched it before the divorce). It looked a lot like this (no hilt, nothing on the "handle" though).
PS: There was a dot similar to the one on the blade of this one, where I filled in with some brass, one of the old bolt holes. I do wish I had finished it...
Vendigroth (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
looks like a nice project.
Thanks, I thought it was, and I had fun getting it to the crude stage it was at....*sigh* and wish I had finished it. I had the thing for quite a few years, and the natural "coating" on it from a tempering experiment, kept if from rusting too.

Oh well, bemoaning it 20 years after the fact is not going to bring back the project.
I forged these wall hooks from two old horseshoes I found. They're meant to be nailed in through the widened nail holes already present in the shoes. The tops are brass-brushed.
Vendigroth (author)  metalliferous9 years ago
they're actually pretty good; i like the wire-brushed idea, it makes them look sort of different, while still showing what they're made of.
Thanks. The brass brushing is a pretty easy effect to pull off. A cheap $3 brass grill brush will work for it. Just heat the steel to a high black heat and brush over the intended areas for a couple of minutes.
lemonie9 years ago
It's a bit of a drag, but I visited here at the weekend (before it was probably flooded...)
For metal work, forges, heavy-steel, a 12,000 Hp working steam engine (the Crossley gas-engine was out of service), the world's heaviest bomb, and Sheffield knives, and such you might find it worthwhile.
And there's also a great brewery nearby.

Anyway, I love the kinves.

In the first link, is the header supposed to look like a cig?
Well, to be honest I hadn't looked at it in that way - thanks for the oservation.
Different coloured filter on the fag here:

Vendigroth (author)  Weissensteinburg9 years ago
perhaps it's subliminal [SMOKE] messaging?
haha, possibly
Pat Sowers9 years ago
nce knives, the came out good