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Okay, i know that an acronym of the title of this forum would be STAB (sort of appropriate, really. Heh.) but seriously:
What's everyone been up to?
I think i'll start this off by posting a pic of my 2 newest knives
Werl, actually, the integral one's been finished for ages, but i only got around to finishing it off lately, but the triangular-ish bladed one's been made in only 2 days (usually i take a break of a few weeks before finishing, so that's out of the ordinary for me)
The handle slabs are an unidentified hardwood (padauk, i think), the bolsters are mild steel, with mild steel pins, blued with bluing solution, and the blade's 440-C
If anyone wants me to, i'll put up an instructable on how to make one like this, and on how to make a kitchen paring knife.
Post your pics here, tho make them pics of FINISHED jobs, please.
That way, i'll have to post far fewer.

Just finished this...2 weeks ago, hence the rust.
Nice persian-y slicer.

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abbabibble29 years ago
New instructable out!
(finally got around to flowers for you!)


here's a little ornamental cross I made recently
topmonkey9 years ago
Well I just got my first:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

His name is Roger (don't ask me why, it just came to me). He is only 70 lb but he is brand new:) Very nice rebound. Now on to the forge (does any one know anything about a refractory mortar called siarset?).
you lucky bugger! i STILL don't have a true anvil. I'm using railroad track and it's good but it's not totally flat everywhere. I need to mill it down.... It's really easy to make your own refractory cement. I did for my current forge and it works great.
the only reason I asked about the sairset is because I have 150 lb of it some one gave me. I'm just curious if it is going to keep flaking or something (I would like to build a gas forge which means it is going to need to cover the thing 360). The stuff is covered with warnings (its going to be a rebreather, long sleave and gloves kind of job), but it is rated at 3000 degrees. How did you make yours? I've seen instructions before, just curious what route you went.
also, I was working a little with a piece of track and a small gas torch. The problem I had with the railroad track was the lack of spring the metal has (I got spoiled in my class). The problem with the little map gas and oxygen torch is that the oxygen only last 10 minutes and I can't really get any thing done (plus its costing me too much:(
Well, if you've got it, try it! at a 3000 degree rating that should hold up fine, but the flaking i couldn't really tell you about. If you've got enough of the stuff you can just patch it up if you poke it too hard.
Oh, and what i did for my forge/foundry is I took an old ashcan, and punched a hole in the side near the bottom for the burner, and then i took a pipe and put it through to mold a hole in the cement. THen i packed the cement in the bucket around a piece of chiminey piping and then let it set. I then pulled the pipe and tube out and what was left was my forge. It's a little limiting in size and i'm gonna be moving over to a small charcoal forge soon but it works.
topmonkey9 years ago
Sorry, I myspace too much:)
here's a rose I made a while back from out of copper and iron.
copper rose.jpg
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