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Hi everyone, i was wondering if in parkour and freerunning "shows"(ie. Showing off to a small crowd) if you have any trademark tricks? Just name/describe/post a video of you doing your trick, and maybe suggest improvements as well. My showmove is a front-somersault with a 180 twist, then going backwards in a handstand for 5 seconds. It's less impressive than it sounds, but it gets a good roar from the crowd ;)

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barrax9 years ago
I thought that parkour didn't envolve tricks?
The Jamalam (author)  barrax9 years ago
freerunning does
In my understanding, parkour is about finding and travelling the quickest route between two points. Tricking may be a part of that if it gets you there quicker. I thought freerunning shared this philosophy, but apparently not. I do a fair human flag, something I've wanted to be capable of for ages.
The Jamalam (author)  chiok9 years ago
parkour is efficient, freerunning is aesthetic.
ranman1239 years ago
not yet i dont