Show off your drawings!!!

Though there's no members at the moment I figured I'd go ahead and start a topic. In this one, just post pics or scans of some of your drawings. Here's three of mine:

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RavindraP42 days ago
RavindraP42 days ago
RavindraP42 days ago

Killing some time looking at all of your beautiful work. I may not be able to draw myself (more of a design/manufacturing guy) but I'm at least gifted with the good sense to admire what I see. Figured I'd share some art that one of the guy's in my warehouse showed me. He was in a rock band with this guy. I don't get a lot of the symbolism but I can still admire the technique. His site's www.seth-styles.com - I have it bookmarked so I can get a little bit of a visual escape here and there.

Three of my drawings, two colored pencils and one chalk pastel self portrait.

You did an... OKAY job. I mean it's nothing outstanding... *Signs up for every art class available* You make me really want to touch up on my drawings. Great job!

thats amazing keep up the good work
Lucky7x72 years ago
A few of my drawings wish i had more time to devote to it but i guess that is the down side of having lots of hobbies.
I think that your drawings are simple but original ! I have an opinion that every drawer has its carma and draw wonderful ! No matter what other say. Believe that you got talent and everything will flow perfectly ! Keep on going ! :)

You spelled karma wrong. *Gets struck by lightning for being negative* Oops...

So Genuine.....nice one..
Kozmicblues693 months ago

Here some of my paintings/drawings!

(acrylic paint / sharpies and color pencils / charcoal)

Arbre.jpgPsychedelic Eye 2.tiffKeith.jpg
phone7893 months ago

these are either graphite charcoal or colored pencils, or all three.


ClareS23 months ago

I'm 33 always liked drawing and am self thought. I hasent drawn in a few year and even then it was often, I use to draw a lot in my teens and early 20s then slowed down. But I'm starting to make time to draw again at 33, but I decided to challenge my self and start to copie more detailed and shaded drawings.

I still need to learn a lot but I'm happy with my progress.

What do you all think of my drawings and were do you think I could touch up in my skills?

I know my down falls. In these picture. Be good to see if I'm right. X

tiggerd1002 years ago
Heres a few drawings of mine, I always draw free hand, no reference pictures. Just trying to get some exposure. these are either graphite charcoal or colored pencils, or all three.
13, 11:35 AM.jpg13, 11:25 AM.jpg13, 11:05 AM.jpg13, 11:19 AM.jpg13, 11:17 AM.jpg13, 11:30 AM.jpg
13, 1:17 PM.jpg
chase326152 years ago
Here are a few of mine I couldn't get my good ones because they're getting framed right now but ill take some pics and and post them ASAP. i drew the dragon three years ago and the map three years ago they were both for a contest that i won
i love it!!!!!!!!
monsterlego2 years ago
Legolas from LOTR
Legolas (2).jpg
spectacular job
EmileCole2 years ago
"THE TEMPLE", about 20x24 inches. It's a free hand pen and ink drawing I did loosely based on a Roman style temple ruin in Turkey I once saw a picture of. It took about four to five hundred hours to do with a Rapidograph drafting pen that draws a line about the width of a human hair. Just stippling (dots), no pencil sketch, no ruler (not a straight line in the whole thing, in fact, no "lines" at all), just one tiny dot after another. Not the best shot, it's a lot like trying to photograph a giant dollar bill....
Nice work :)
Nice work!
VERY nice
LoneWolf (author)  EmileCole2 years ago
Omg...mad skillz
glagar56782 years ago
and another one
Photo 106.jpg
glagar56782 years ago
Photo 105.jpg
artfulann3 years ago
A picture I did of my mom from a photo when she was younger. I didn't scan it, so the picture isn't wonderful.
Great work !
Very Nice! Have you used hugin before? It definitely tutorial dependant, but a good way to scan larger pix at home piecewise.
you got a good eye
HelenaTroy2 years ago
I don't consider myself as very artistic (my forte is wrting) so if I do do a half-decent drawing, I'm really chuffed - I don't know which part of my brain does this drawing, but I wish I could find my way into it more often!

I did a freehand copy of a book cover: Virgin Planet, by Poul Anderson, I've found the original cover online, so I ihave a comparison - if I could work out how to unclude them there, I would - I've got them in my "library", but I've tried three times to get them into this post, with no success. sigh.
virgin planet cover.jpgvirgin planet mine.jpg
wow, I dunnit! no idea how, though - they didn't show on "preview".

The paper I drew on was white, so you can see how long it's been lying about in a drawer! I had to make up some of it, to take out her hand and hte man in the original cover.
mapanlawin2 years ago
Nice! Here's some of my work, I specialize in pen & ink and have been trying to get into naturalist illustration.
20121218_140915_wm.jpg20121026_015308_wm (1).jpg20121221_022328_wm.jpg20121126_225137_wm.jpg
batonas2 years ago
just I little sketch I made in the past, I named the thing inside the teapot ''Infester'' and now that he's in a teapot I called the sketch ''I'm a little teapot'' :P hope you people like it :) people I showed it to think it looks cute an funny :P I've sketched more ''Infester'' drawings but this is first one and I think its the best :)
batonas2 years ago
just I little sketch I made in the past, I named the thing inside the teapot ''Infester'' and now that he's in a teapot I called the sketch ''I'm a little teapot'' :P hope you people like it :) people I showed it to think it looks cute an funny :P I've sketched more ''Infester'' drawings but this is first one and I think its the best :)
batonas2 years ago
just I little sketch I made in the past, I named the thing inside the teapot ''Infester'' and now that he's in a teapot I called the sketch ''I'm a little teapot'' :P hope you people like it :) people I showed it to think it looks cute an funny :P I've sketched more ''Infester'' drawings but this is first one and I think its the best :)
batonas2 years ago
just I little sketch I made in the past, I named the thing inside the teapot ''Infester'' and now that he's in a teapot I called the sketch ''I'm a little teapot'' :P hope you people like it :) people I showed it to think it looks cute an funny :P I've sketched more ''Infester'' drawings but this is first one and I think its the best :)
Nick Dolan3 years ago
This is my etching. I made it a while ago and I kind of botched the left side of the snout, but I thought the eyes were well done.
my etching.jpeg
nice pic
LoneWolf (author)  Nick Dolan3 years ago
Woah... that is good 0_0
monsterlego2 years ago
A couple of my Lord of the rings drawings.
NICE job monsterlego. :-)
:D thanks
Tell me what you think.
GabbieZee2 years ago
Amazing you all are so talented!!
I found these little cards(2.5"x3.5") and had them for about a year before I decided to make these.
bapt GabbieZee2 years ago
great job on the card
I love the style
bapt2 years ago
Lone Wolf amazing drawing, love them
I aslo love art and i mostly make portraits here are a couple
tell me what you think
Goodhart bapt2 years ago
They are very nice. I would only say you might need to work a little on lips a little.
bapt2 years ago
everybody has amazing drawings in here great job everybody
my drawings:
Very nice, I especially like the first one, and the second, third, & fifth ones.
Thank you.
The first one is a portrait of myself, many years ago :)
HMice3 years ago
Um.. compared to everyone elses, mine is a pile of trash but have a look at this 
The same thing and some others:

AJs dragons v3.jpg
Thergox HMice3 years ago
You have a brilliant imagination, and certainly have a way of setting things down on paper. Your figures are clean and clear with particular variants that give it originality. Your version of trash is what many others would agree is something near a masterpiece (An example is how many people came storming to my steampunk drawing, saying how wonderful it was. That is what I mean, in case you were left wondering). I'm sure that if you continue practicing, you will reach the level others have landed upon -- maybe then you will be satisfied with your work.
HMice Thergox3 years ago
Maybe then.
Goodhart HMice3 years ago
No, not a pile of trash, we all had to start somewhere :-) And it looks like you have a decent start too
HMice Goodhart3 years ago
Did you click the pdfs? They are better
Goodhart HMice3 years ago
Yes, I have.
Thergox3 years ago
I wish I had the patience to post on all of these. Many of your drawings (And I mean the group as a whole) are beautiful and far beyond my capability. If you would like to test my ability, go ahead and click on my icon and check out my Draw: SteamPunk instructable. It's a little corny, but its out there. Thanks for showing all these pictures!
Goodhart5 years ago
I wish I had pictures of the sketches I did, before I transferred them to wood via pyrography.....most of them, done on a waxy tracing paper like drawing media,  with a soft pencil,  I could then flip it over  and transfer the outline of what I wanted on the wood, to the wood,  and then burn from there.
very nice drawing....
If you mean that sketch of the wolf, that was done by Lonewolf, the author of this thread, not me :-)
Do you have any of the wood pictures?
I still have a few at home,  I would have to "take" pictures of them though.  I believe I sold the Santa one, and maybe even the ship.  I know I have sold a few wolves....it was one of my favorite things to do, besides  horses. :-)
LoneWolf (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
That's awesome, I love wolves :D
I am sorry, but I can't seem to find ANY of my wolf pyro's (I liked the one howling at the moon, with a native American bust in the moon, one.  Was REALLY hard to do).

Here are a few others though: 
Picture 1861.jpgPicture 807.jpgPicture 238.jpgPicture 234.jpgPicture 231.jpgPicture 230.jpgPicture 226.jpgPicture 225.jpgPicture 214.jpgMsBunnyHeart copy.jpgEllens Pics 070.jpg
LoneWolf (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
WOW!!!!!! I love that beagle one at the bottom!!! :D
Sorry about the picture quality, my wife took those, and I don't know where any of them are anymore to retake.

The one on the rectangular piece is actually done from a native American doll as the subject.
LoneWolf (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
That's alright, I can still make out what they are :)

That's cool, did you actually have a Native American doll that you worked off of or did you find a picture of one?
I had a picture of one from a Doll museum.
LoneWolf (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Neat. I work off of pictures occasionaly. But I never use a grid, for some reason I always mess up when I use them.
It seems odd, but if I do a picture from a picture, I "need" it to look the same, but if I draw some"thing" freehand, I can do that (but not so good from a 2-d picture)
Hisart LoneWolf4 years ago
The key to using a grid is to keep it small enough that you don't have enough room to get easily confused and yes a 1pixel x 1pixel is too small. LOL

Usually the photo reference gets a 1/4" x 1/4" square and the drawing gets a 1" x 1" square. That means a 2" photo reference gets enlarged to an 8" drawing.
LoneWolf (author)  Hisart4 years ago
Oh wow, in that case I was probably messing up because my grid squares were to big!!! Depending on the size of the picture I often did it 1x1" squares.
Hisart LoneWolf4 years ago
If you are working from an 8" x 10" that's only eighty squares and if the figure is complete (not just a bust) then the face is most likely only one or two squares. That is a lot of info to tackle.

If you take it down to 1/4" squares then the face will take up 16 to 36 squares! That is much easier to deal with and makes the layout much less of a pain.

You can use a permanent marker on an acetate sheet (clear plastic) to lay out the squares and lay it over the photo. That way you can reuse it and also not damage the original reference photo.
LoneWolf (author)  Hisart4 years ago
That makes sense, I'll definitly have to try doing that! I have a Micheals stor near us that probably has those pre made.
Hisart LoneWolf4 years ago
I looked, and Michae'ls doesn't have pre-made grid sheets, but it does have Dura-Lar sheets which is an acetate alternative. I've never used the stuff but it looks like it should work. You're still going to have to put the lines on it, but that's not a big deal. LOL
LoneWolf (author)  Hisart4 years ago
Well at least I know where to get them, I would have ended up having to draw the grid lines on the peice of paper anyway so I guess it really isn't a big deal. Thanks for looking!
Hisart LoneWolf4 years ago
It will save you time and resources in the long run, so take your time and be accurate.

Anything to help! ;-D
The ship is the most detailed of this bunch, but that hard wood bowl with the little bird in it, was difficult too.
LoneWolf (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Yeah, I like the sailboat. I used to be good at drawing sailboats, but never that good.......and you were using a woodburner!!!!
These are all very good. I especially like the second one in the first row. The wood is very striking.
Thank you. The one you mention was hard to do. It was a darker wood for starters, and also (not recommended) lacquered, as it was originally a candy dish, though formerly unadorned. I had to lightly sand off most of the lacquer (so as not to poison myself with fumes) before burning the area. I did one awhile back on Walnut too, a small piece (VERY hard to burn hard woods), that I didn't really like.....I haven't seen it for awhile. The ship (#1) and the toilet tissue holder (bunny) were two of the more detailed ones I did.
Wow! Those are really cool... :D
Thank you !
Love these. Awesome
Thank you. I do wish I could a picture of some of my wolves or the picture of the santa claus making his list (those were my best days, when I had REALLY good eyesight), the tiny little names on the list, which is only about 3 inches across, some of them are actually ledgible. That piece sold back aways, so I can't even retake any pictures of it.
LoneWolf (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
That's too bad. You drew them before you burned them?!!! Wow, you must have been good at drawing too!!!
I can sketch fairly well.
james12144 years ago
i have been using a wacom tablet to draw digitally for about a month now and heres a few ive done/ am working on. i do a lot of posters for bands in and around the bay area and have added the wacom as one more tool in my arsenal.
The first two are fantastic, and I like the second two as well.
Amyz james12143 years ago
awesome pics their really cool looking!
LoneWolf (author)  james12144 years ago
Cool, you should do one of the ible's robot.
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