Show off your drawings!!!

Though there's no members at the moment I figured I'd go ahead and start a topic. In this one, just post pics or scans of some of your drawings. Here's three of mine:

Picture of Show off your drawings!!!
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pup000319 days ago

love your drawings they look great i think you are great drawer.

Hans767 months ago

New to the forum and loving this thread! Lovely drawings

plami4ka9 months ago

Hey everyone! New to the forum, but loved the topic. I am definitely not a pro, but I'd like to hear thoughts/comments on how to improve my so called "art". Here's a photo of one of my latest creations.

Waldemar Sha9 months ago

Sometimes it's not a soul eating ponies...


Also this. It's not mine, it is from the children drawings exposition in a town you'll pobably never be closer than 1000km to... or whatever is the right way to compose this sentence...

I just love this horses.

monsterlego10 months ago

Here's some of my favorite pieces I've done.


Those are AMAZING!

Thank you

is this where I submit my drawings? I'm Theory. Theory Odd (hyper)


I never knew I could draw till I started trying to personalise my man shed. Started by just using permanent markers directly onto the wood, then tried black paint on canvass. Are they any good or am I deluding myself. Lol. Any comments would be great. Thanks

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