Sigle Shot guns

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sak-j10 years ago
what does it fire? and how?
goynmilk1000 (author)  sak-j9 years ago
any rod connected to the half circle peices
goynmilk1000 (author) 10 years ago
Its realy easy to mak i Can make two of em of the top of my head
Antony10 years ago
are you going to post this?
acker12310 years ago
im gonna make a knex turret! i will hav a base with motor in and then a remote control so i can move the main gun on top. i will probs use a gatling on top or design a new mg! im new so if i make it, it will b my first instructable yeah!!!! acker123
Antony10 years ago
Dude...POST IT AND POST IT NOW GOD DAMNIT!!! XD Cool far does it shoot?
goynmilk1000 (author)  Antony10 years ago
60 feet at most for me it may shoot farther for you
WOW!!!! 60 FEET!!