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ok. I need people to sign up for the contest. However, It has been moderated to shorten judging time.

the categories:

Computer mods

MP3 player mods

flash drive mods

electronic mods

Portable mods

other mods

please specify which instructable will go in what category also...

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OFC Rocco9 years ago
Hiyas, I would like to throw my hat in the ring with this...This started out as a Gateway business model.
DJ Radio (author)  OFC Rocco9 years ago
add the ible to the group
Ok, I started out with a plain vanilla gateway, in 2 days burned the warranty by starting mods. First added 2 gigs memory, then good vid card, better processor..... 1st after that was light experementation, then I hand cut a window into the machine, did some minor painting, and lined the windows peremeter with miracle bond, painted more and installed 2 200 gig hard drives...more lights..... Soon started having minor to annoying overheating problems, mainly vid card, so i took out the hard drive cage and checked the airflow, and discovered a gateway flaw, their hard drive cage causes most of the overheating problems, so I rewired a few things, and moved the hard drives out of the case completely. I then took an old sterlite 1 gallon container and cut 2 3 inch holes in either end, mounter a fan and a tube into one end and used the other for wiring access and airflow, and then velcroed the hard drive cage into it, installed a light, and installed a piece of lexan to the top. The hard drive case was then foamed and sculped, painted with a 15 step process, with transparent, acrylic, and dayglo colors until a prefect radioactive glow was attained....and thus was perfect cooling for the whole case born. Everything runs at almost room temp.... The skull on top is an old friend from back eastand the graveyard scene on top is just bits and pieces from a scattered life. the 3d art on front is a Harry potter Death eater's Mask from the movie box mounted and melded to the front with a green back light and 2d art included. the slime look on the top is from a combination of gorilla glue with paint mixed into it...The skulls eyes are tiger eyes... I also have on this, a razer diamondback and a zmerc gaming board....Nvidia xfx 8600 vid card, AMD 64 x2 5000+, 2 gigs OCZ gaming ram, 19 inch widescreen westinghouse monitor, 5 speaker sound, all running of good broadband.
=SMART=9 years ago
any prizes ?
DJ Radio (author)  =SMART=9 years ago
5 stars to the winners ibles.
DJ Radio (author)  =SMART=9 years ago
every single ible that the winner published
Contests are somewhat less motivating than they would otherwise be if they have no prizes...
im thinking of doing one but having my spare instructables book as a prize
OOOO im gunna mod a closed pop can so that it becomes an open pop can!!
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