Silhouette Black Friday Promotion!

Our latest winner has responded!!!

Thank you everyone for participating!

It is Promotion Time!

All you need to get any of the following awesome deals is our super secret special code for Instructable authors only!
Do you want to know it?
It is...

Just go here to start shopping!  Promotion runs November 28—December 8, 2013.

You may be asking yourself, what can I get with this promotion?
Well, I'll tell you!
  1. A Silhouette CAMEO®, Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software, a dust cover (the color is decided by Silhouette), a $25 download card, a hook, a scraper, a spatula, and a pick-me-up® tool for $229.99. Retail price for all of this would total $406.93 (over 40% savings!)

  2. A Silhouette Portrait®, Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition Software, a dust cover (the color is decided by Silhouette), a $25 download card, a hook, a scraper, a spatula, and a pick-me-up® tool for $129.99. Retail price for all of this would total $286.93 (over 40% savings!)

  3. A Silhouette CAMEO® and a Silhouette Portrait®, plus two $25 download cards for $299.99. That’s right: If you buy a Silhouette CAMEO® at full price, you get two $25 download cards and a Silhouette Portrait® ABSOLUTELY FREE! Retail price for all of this would be $406.93 (over 40% savings!)

  4. 40% off consumable products at silhouetteamerica.com. This excludes machines, subscriptions, download and gift cards. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Rain checks not available.

  5. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25.

This is Silhouette America's biggest promotion ever, so don't miss out!

You may be asking yourself, what can I do with a Silhouette machine?  The answer is: Everything!  (or at least almost everything)

I've gathered together some of the awesome projects you can do with a Silhouette Cameo or Portrait.

silhouette collage

Han Solo and Princess Leia Silhouettes
DIY Stickers
3D LEGO Card
Custom Embellishments from PNG Files
Put a Bird On It! | Portlandia Apron - Cut Fabric!
Iron On Shirt Stencils
DIY Clear Playing Cards

...and that's just the tip of it!  There are so many awesome accessories you can use and so many materials you can cut!

We have a Silhouette Cameo at Instructables HQ and I use it whenever I can!  I have done a bunch of projects already and I have so many more planned!  It is great for making greeting cards for every occasion, for decorating shirts, cutting transparencies, making stickers and cutting fabric shapes for sewing or ironing on fabric. 

I love that Silhouette Studio is an easy program to use. There are tutorials all over the web to learn how to do everything or you can just mess around and discover all the crazy things it can do (like I did).  Not sure where to start?  Just go to the in application store and look at all the awesome designs they have available.  There is a free shape of the week and they always have awesome designs on sale!  I just bought the awesome 3d poinsettia flower by Lori Whitlock for a cute little project soon to come!

Get a machine for yourself, and your mother, and your father, and your BFF, and your boss, and your daughter ..... these deals are pretty darn sweet and if you've ever wondered: Should I get one?, now is the time to do it!

*The giveaway will be going until 11:59pm Pacific Time.  The Promotion starts at 12:00am Eastern / 9:00pm Pacific.  The winner for the giveaway will be announced here as soon as it is over!

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Penolopy Bulnick (author) 2 years ago
Our latest winner has responded! Thanks everyone for sticking in there with me!
Penolopy Bulnick (author) 2 years ago
Our FORTH chosen winner did not respond. A new winner was randomly selected and notified!
Wow- no response? That's crazy...

Those are some great deals. Several folks I know have the Cameo and really like it for pepakura projects- it saves a ton of time. There is a program to automate the cutting of patterns using Pepakura Viewer- http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/download/viewer_crobo.html
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  Honus2 years ago
That is crazy cool!

No response so far today, so I'll probably be picking again in about half an hour :P
Great for making costumes! There currently isn't any support for the Portrait with this software but it's my understanding people have figured out a workaround.
how do you know if the rafflecopter is linked to the instructable account. I submitted an entry, but it had my wifes name. Might be an issue why no one has came forth.
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  thematthatter2 years ago
Everyone was required to be a member of the site and the winner is being contacted through PM on the site. If you can't reply to that PM, you can't win. Defeats the purpose if you never come to the site.
If you're desperate to find a home for it...


Penolopy Bulnick (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
I'm starting to get there :P But, on the other hand, I still need a Silhouette Machine...
Penolopy Bulnick (author) 2 years ago
Our second chosen winner did not respond. A new winner was randomly selected and notified!
really ?
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  triumphman2 years ago
Yep. You get 24 hours to reply to my PM or I pick another. The third person still hasn't answered yet either :P
two people are going to kick themselves when they realize they won and didn't respond in time.
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  thematthatter2 years ago
Will probably be three in just a few more hours :P Come on people! All you need to do is actually go on the site once in a while!
triumphman2 years ago
wow, that's great!
triumphman2 years ago
I did not know that !
Kiteman2 years ago
Oh, I've just realised - that's not a screen-shot, it's the actual entry button!

Not that I can actually enter... :-(
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Yeah, I'm finally getting to try out Rafflecopter. Unfortunately, Silhouette can only ship to US for this giveaway.
Many things involving "technology" (software, hardware that uses embedded software, many types of durable goods, and other odd random seeming products) all have various types of restrictions involving export. "We" can't really do much about this. We already stupidly let our government put these laws in place for "our protection". Sure, it's just a cutting device, but in the wrong hands it could be used to make Aprons of Mass Destruction.
Penolopy Bulnick (author) 2 years ago
A winner has been randomly chosen and notified.  They have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen! 
Thank you everyone for participating!
Penolopy Bulnick (author) 2 years ago
It's promotion time! Let me know if you run into any problems and I'll see what I can figure out!
terribug2 years ago
Okay. So, maybe I'm a little behind the times. What's a Silhouette?
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  terribug2 years ago
Nice catch! I can't believe I didn't link to it!  So a Silhouette Portrait is a paper cutting machine made by Silhouette America.  It cuts more than paper though.  It can cut paper, plastic, fabric, vinyl, all kinds of fun stuff!

If you want to know anything specific, let me know!
I noticed that it can cut fabric, as well. Do you happen to know if the Silhouette SD (which I currently own) can do such a thing?
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  whowes2 years ago
Hmmm, I am unfamiliar with the SD. Do you have a link to it so I can take a look?
mflores112 years ago
It won't let me participate, when I insert my username it gives an error msg
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  mflores112 years ago
Hmm, I haven't seen any error messages. Are you signed into the Rafflecopter? To the right of Enter to Win it should say your name. Can you screenshot the error message?
canucksgirl2 years ago
I was so excited, until I read the US Only part... *sniff, sniff* :-(
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  canucksgirl2 years ago
I know, I'm bummed about that, but they are giving this to us for free and that is the only requirement. We are thinking we should try Rafflecopter giveaways more in the future. What do you think?
I think its a great idea. All you'd need to do is spread the word through the Newsletters. It should drive more members to the Forums and encourage them to post more projects (since its not just a random raffle entry). Definitely win-win.

Perhaps generous companies like Silhouette will consider pre-shipping prizes to Instructables which may (or may not) allow International entries?
Penolopy Bulnick (author) 2 years ago
Anyone have any paper Instructables they want to make?
Sorry, I don't understand the instructions. Am I supposed to MAKE something from paper that I found on instructables? Or am I supposed to post directions to something to instructables? ha ha ha sorry..
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  gellis22 years ago
No problem! That last one is I want you to post an Instructable, something you've made, that is paper themed. Like any of the projects here.  Let me know if that doesn't clear it up!
I was afraid of that.... lol Thanks!
So, paper themed, as in cards or printables? It doesn't have to be like a foldable paper craft right?
Right. Just has to be mostly about paper :) Fold it, cut it, glue it together, whatever!  Like this stuff.
Penolopy Bulnick (author) 2 years ago
Only a few more days to enter!
Umm... I can't find you on pinterest.
The Instructables Pinterest link is: http://www.pinterest.com/instructables/

Thank you for noticing! I have updated the rafflecopter as well with the link :)
This is Penolopy's Pinterest link: http://pinterest.com/PenolopyBulnick/
Here's mine: http://www.pinterest.com/saintsalvage/