Silly people having fun doing cool-stuff with bikes and a pond

This looks so good (in the middle of winter).
I strongly recommend muting the sound and listening to something else. (Doors, The End e.g.)

Picture of Silly people having fun doing cool-stuff with bikes and a pond
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Kiteman5 years ago
Even with the soundtrack, that's pretty cool.

lemonie (author)  Kiteman5 years ago

There was a box that said "feature comment" on the reply - what does that do?

(you could have rated this...)


*chuckle* I was thinking the same thing LOL
wicked awesome video
acidbass5 years ago
thats awesome its also known as stupid white guy syndrome jk jk
lemonie (author)  acidbass5 years ago
I dont get the "white guy" reference

see me and my friends rate things white guy or not so like kicking guys in the balls is a stupid white guy thing( according to us) farting and laughing white guy thing again(again according to us) because you notice hat only stupid white guys do this not mexican guys or black guys
not being racist because i am half white but it seems that most stupid white guys are less mature than the other races
lemonie (author)  acidbass5 years ago
Maybe stupid Mexicans can't afford video cameras? It's not good to make broad judgments like this, they don't really work.

i know they don't work but to me its slightly funny because I am not even white
Behold, the power of meth.
lemonie (author)  Tool Using Animal5 years ago

You think these people less than clear-headed?

Booze comes to mind initially
lemonie (author)  KentsOkay5 years ago
I think they were quite sober for the jumps - it has a professional rather than amateur look to the execution.

Yeah, pro's know how to hide the booze out of camera shot.
Kryptonite5 years ago
All I appear to have is a large white box with a gray outline and a little red X in the top right hand corner.

lemonie (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago
Update Flash I think.

Just need admin privelages...
lemonie (author)  Kryptonite5 years ago

You don't have those? Would probably benefit from a browser & java update too.

KentsOkay5 years ago
I wonder how deep the water needs to be to sufficiently break your fall.
lemonie (author)  KentsOkay5 years ago

Six feet would do I think... no, good question.

Very good question, I want to do this, but with a firm knowledge I am just going to hit the water hard, not break my neck on the bottom of the pond.
caitlinsdad5 years ago
Ah, to be young and stoopid...s'right.

This kinda defies the laws of physics somehow.  When you throw two things up in the air, the human is supposed to land first and the heavy object is supposed to come down on top of it.
That would be the law of cartoon physics...
yeah, I sometimes mix them up...
Too often done.