Simple Design Suggestion

This is my first topic, so huzzah for me...

Attached is a picture of what I was imagining instructables to be with forums. Now that there are forums, I figured I'd show it.. But then again, Cassandra still isn't here anyway..

To get to the forums now is clunky and seems thrown in, which it probably was...

Picture of Simple Design Suggestion
Crash2108 (author) 11 years ago
It is nice to see it implemented.
Right on! I submitted a suggestion in the bug report for the exact same thing a couple days ago. Thanks for mocking it up.
lebowski11 years ago
I think I agree with you.
akimbo m11 years ago
quite true, although you might want to circle the forum link... as it took few time to work out what you are trying to sell. Anyway yes, we do need a easily acessable forum link, to make things easier for us mortals to enter the realms of the virtual.