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I'm currently building a small hybrid solar panel car for a school sompetition(runs off of batteries or solar), and I need a bit of wiring help, here's my problem and some other stuff. I have 2 SPDT switches and 1 DPDT switch. I'm using one of the spdt switch for on and off, the other to switch from solar to battery, but i need help for the dpdt. There's 2 sets of solar panels (2 pairs of 3 hooked in series, for simplicity sake, I'm just going to say 2 solar panels), and I want to hook them up to the dpdt switch and the motor and the battery so that: I can turn on/off the motor (easy), switch between solar and battery (easy), and switch between paralell solarpanels or series (what I'm having problems with), any help?

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guyfrom7up (author) 9 years ago
I figured it out, here's a schematic of what I did (the solarpanels are the batteries that say solar panel cause I couldn't find simbol for them)
Solar car schematic.bmp
caitlinsdad9 years ago
My paint skillz with a mouse is rough. I hope this helps if I figured it out correctly. As usual, always get a second opinion or consult a professional as I have not tested out this circuit and do not want a puff of blue smoke to appear.
That's ironic...
Actually copper, steel wires are rarely used in electronic circuits...
Hmm? I was referring to your "paint skillz" vs. your comics ;-P
I know, I probably caught the punniness from Goodhart. Where is he when you need him? I never got around to investing in a good graphics tablet.
Goodhart is punny? I'm normally good at puns, I just need to remember material sciences at 11:30 ;-) Graphics tablets are nice... but they're a tad expensive.
That's what he thinks...j/k You just need to have the Force be with you...
Irony, its like coppery, when you bite your tongue really hard.
Ah, so thats what it is.
Hold on, I have to figure out a way to apply band-aids to my tounge. Ih urhs!

Damn, I'm tired. I caught the whole pun on metals, but I forgot steel = iron.
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