Simpsons Map

The Simpsons are awesomely hilarious. I remember when my parents thought it was too vulgar for my child mind to handle. And now it's a very tasteful and often smart cartoon. Some dude took the time to collect all the different locations from every episode and created this completely insane map.

I guess if you ever plan to visit The Simpsons you'll know how to get around.

Oh, if you want to brush up on your episodes, here's where you can watch them online for free, legally:
The Simpsons Episodes.

Picture of Simpsons Map
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farimov5 years ago
You should try They allow you to watch the simpsons online from any country, and they don't seem to have any ads :)
iippo7 years ago
also try ""
liveLED7 years ago
Plasmana9 years ago
Aww, I cannot watch the movies! Because I am in UK... :( :( :(
yea me too, geuss we will have to stick with bbc iPlayer
LOL! I wonder if the Americans knows what we mean by "BBC"?
___ Plasmana7 years ago
LOL "the americans" are not as stupid as you may think
>:( I'd much rather be able to catch the latest episodes of Dr Who on iPlayer...
*throws be nice policy out window*
hahaha sucks to be you!
*shrug* I don't think so, I hate the Simpsons.
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