Single Shot Knex Gun

Hello, This is the first knex gun that I have submitted on this site. It's a single shot gun that fires blue rods. It has a true trigger mechanism, and has a range from about 10 metres (I think that is approx 30ft.?) with only one rubberband (because my dad doesn't like it when I hit the walls). About me, I don't have alot experience with k'nex guns. I'm building them for about six months. I built the_burrito_master's Park and Mepain's Inferno, and a few other guns. This one is the first that I really like. So I thought, let's post it! Please comment, and if you think I can improve things, please tell me. PS: I'm sorry for my bad English. I'm Dutch and only 13 years old, so I have much to learn. Please correct me if I make any mistakes!

Picture of Single Shot Knex Gun
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Skreetsha8 years ago
Ziet er goed uit maar dat je Hollands bent moet geen excuus zijn dat je Engles niet zo goed is, wat overigens best goed is hoor :)
75438 years ago
you should put a step-by-step guide on how to make it would help a lot
knexguy 75438 years ago
No, this is exactly what forum topics are for. If he wants, he can post it at a later date.
ajleece9 years ago
looks really tidy!
lukeg36c9 years ago
niet erg hoor ik ben meer geintereseerd in motoren van auto's
are you gunna post this
tomboyRme19 years ago
sorry i destroyed it but i might make it again but with a mag
this is a forum post. you *should* post it as a full instructable. that way, we can overpower it with rubberband quantaties that would fill a water bottle(trust me, my friend did that on a simple gun. let's just say that i have a bruise the sixe of a watermelon and that we're not friends anymore.)
try that with the DD-27, you get massive power and lose the gun..
yeah... don't want to kill anyone intentionally... i could, however put a few hundred on Gorkem's sniper and fire it point blank at a brick wall... or is that just suicidal?
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