Site does not work on iPhone

The site does not load anything on the iphone browser. Example , when i click on a link to a project from the daily emails.

Why is this ?

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mikeasaurus5 years ago
The site should be working on your iPhone. Maybe there's a setting preventing you from following links or the text isn't an html link?

Anyway, we're also working on an updated mobile version of the site, should make things even easier!
Many, but not all Instructables show a very incomplete page. Here's an example where the first few pages work buthem this page doesn't:

Viewing on the iPhone used to work. Rough, but usable, at least enough so I could determine if it was worth viewing on a computer. Some months back things changed and many Instructables don't work at all.

I can supply more examples, screenshots, and debugging assistance.

zachschi5 years ago
Not working on my iPhone either. Just the very top bar shows and no other content. Miss my night time instructable browsing. :(
Darrick5 years ago
Agreed. The guides used to be viewable from my iPhone but no longer appear at all. Each instructable shows up blank with just the site header logo viewable. It isn't just when loading pages from Emails, the same thing happens when searching and clicking on a guide. A moble version would be great
Sweetpea635 years ago
Thank goodness I found this. I thought I was going crazy. Please fix whatever changed it. Thanks!
incendiac5 years ago
I'm having the same issues, it worked at onetime but not now. when I try to do to the project write ups it just leads to an ad then stops there. I'm not aware of any settings that would affect it but I'll dig around a bit.