Site layout and taging problems

Today i've noticed that the bottom of the page has been thrown back to the late 90's in the way its showing displaying. The whole site layout has suddenly changed it little ways. What once use to be buttons are now hyper links. Are you in the middle of a site update here? The discussion tab in your profile view has also changed. Almost like its trying to show the recent comments in 2 different ways. Every once in a while when i try to change tabs in the profile page it gives me a pop up saying the site is having trouble. I have to say this HTML throwback look isn't working for me.

Picture of Site layout and taging problems
discussion tab.jpg
mpilchfamily (author) 5 years ago
Still i get more problems with this site then any other site i visit. I've never head to go and clear my cache like i do if i want to keep instructables running correctly for me. It seems if i don't clear the cache at least once a month i get problems with the site. I still can't get the site to keep me logged in for more then 45 minutes why on my XP system at home running Chrome.
mikeasaurus5 years ago
This looks like the page didn't load properly. Try clearing your cache and refreshing the page.
mpilchfamily (author)  mikeasaurus5 years ago
Thanks that fixed it.