Site not Working on PS3

I was trying to get onto Instructables on my PS3 earlier, but all I got was an error message.

The error says:
403 Forbidden
Request forbidden by administrative rules.

Is this site not allowed to work on the PS3, or is the Ps3 blocking it for some reason.


Picture of Site not Working on PS3
Sorry for the delayed reply. I tried this last week, and I was so sad! I'll try to figure out what's going on, but I'm not sure how easy a task that's going to be.
qwertyboy (author)  StumpChunkman7 years ago
OK, Thanks for giving it a try.
Well, there's a reason that the site didn't work on the PS3, we were blocking it.

There was a good reason for this though, and if you turn your PS3 on, and point it to instructables, you'll see why.  The formatting looks like it would on a cell phone (and not the kind that lays out web pages, but the kind that makes them harder to read).

Sadly, this is going to be at the very bottom of things that need to be fixed, as there's a ton of issues in safari, ie, and other browsers that we need to figure out first...

but if you're serious about browsing on the PS3, it has been unblocked.
qwertyboy (author)  StumpChunkman7 years ago
Well, thanks for giving it a try anyway.