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It would be really helpful if there was an option when you upload a photo to have it as the picture for the form topic and not for the photo under the message, and an option to have the photo for the photo under the message and not the form topic photo.

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Orkando5 years ago
And also all comments to be included. thanks
The Cartographer (author) 5 years ago
And most times a photo works perfectly for the thumbnail image but doesn't look good underneath the wording.
Orkando5 years ago
Include star rating in pdf customization option.
Kiteman5 years ago
A different thumbnail to the illustrative image? Why?
lemonie Kiteman5 years ago
If there's no useful image (e.g. this topic), the image is only really useful for the listing thumbnail.
The main pic may better illustrate the topic but not reduce to a thumbnail well / meaningfully.

lemonie5 years ago
Yes, "thumbnail image", surely not that hard to do.