Site update - January 29, 2014

Site Update!

Maybe you noticed that we've have a pretty significant site update. Following in the footsteps of the new commenting features, here's what's new!
  • (editor) Publish new Instructable with same title as existing featured Instructable, get prompted to choose again.
  • (editor) More detail for contests on publish screen
  • (editor) Support for embedded files; reworked icons in navbar. Replaced embed modal.
  • (comments) visual touchups for author in comment box
  • (comments) No more ReCaptcha
  • (instructables) Embedded videos displayed inside photosets
  • (instructables) "Rich" embeds will appear under photoset, before step text
  • (comments + editor) Clicking image in image library modal selects it
  • (PM's) HTML support
  • (comments + PM's) Lists and links created inline, styling updates to toolbar.
  • (comments) "comment removed by community request" -- removed when no allowed replies remain
  • (comments) "I Made it" appears as button in Instructable header & option on comment box

...and on mobile web:
  • Categories + channels tabs
  • Switch member instructables & favorites UI
  • Ad slot between intro step & step 1
  • Removed author box from Instructable page
As with all releases, there's going to be some kinks to iron out.
Please leave your thoughts, suggestions, and detailed bugs in the comments below. We're really excited about this update and think it's going to make using the new interface easier, and a better experience.

Can't wait to see your feedback!

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g.vitanov1 year ago

On 08.09.2015 I pay for pro account but I still have no access?


If you could write into service at instructables dot com someone from our support team will be able to help you out.

Troy aka tomatoskins

-Your friendly neighborhood instructables staff

Buildkhahh2 years ago

I am requesting that the webmaster (is that term still used?) add an additional option on the "benefits if you join" screenpopup. The current selections are "to join" or "not now or no". You should add "already joined" and create a cookie that retards further questionnaires to join when I (we) have already joined). Would make a site of many smart people doing smart things reflect that intellect on the first page by adding an option that preserves that image, and decreasing frustraion by it not being there.


If I understand correctly, the frustration here is that you continue to see popovers prompting you to join Instructables even though you have already joined? A great solution here would be to log in -- you should never see a "Sign Up" CTA when you're logged in. We're also looking at decreasing the frequency of these popovers for returning logged-out visitors, which should well decrease the annoyance.

Thanks. Will do. (Funny, I kinda wondered if that would work). Just so I can add to my list of technical acronyms, what is a CTA?

Thanks again.

a quick google search says that it is chicago transit authority :)

...although I already replied, I just noticed your name. So it was a joke. Somebody with the name bravoechonovember1 would understand what a call to action was. Or do you just go by "ben" :)



Somehow the order of my comments posted out of order.

#1- Hi.. Dont know if you were joking....

#2 - ...although I already replied,....

I was guessing that you may have been slyly phonetically spelling out your first name as pilots do. (B)ravo-(E)cho-(N)ovember ,so you were possibly a marine or in some other military force so the acronym CTA meant as it would in the military and not a new advertising term.

Yeah a bit confusing.

ah! no I'm not in the military but my dad is a civilian pilot and after spending a bunch of hours flying right seat you learn stuff!

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