Site update - January 29, 2014

Site Update!

Maybe you noticed that we've have a pretty significant site update. Following in the footsteps of the new commenting features, here's what's new!
  • (editor) Publish new Instructable with same title as existing featured Instructable, get prompted to choose again.
  • (editor) More detail for contests on publish screen
  • (editor) Support for embedded files; reworked icons in navbar. Replaced embed modal.
  • (comments) visual touchups for author in comment box
  • (comments) No more ReCaptcha
  • (instructables) Embedded videos displayed inside photosets
  • (instructables) "Rich" embeds will appear under photoset, before step text
  • (comments + editor) Clicking image in image library modal selects it
  • (PM's) HTML support
  • (comments + PM's) Lists and links created inline, styling updates to toolbar.
  • (comments) "comment removed by community request" -- removed when no allowed replies remain
  • (comments) "I Made it" appears as button in Instructable header & option on comment box

...and on mobile web:
  • Categories + channels tabs
  • Switch member instructables & favorites UI
  • Ad slot between intro step & step 1
  • Removed author box from Instructable page
As with all releases, there's going to be some kinks to iron out.
Please leave your thoughts, suggestions, and detailed bugs in the comments below. We're really excited about this update and think it's going to make using the new interface easier, and a better experience.

Can't wait to see your feedback!

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sunilmg1 year ago

Hello friends !

i finished to build the xy plotter,any one guide me now where i get its software and instruction manual to upload the software to run it??????


Sunil Yadav

iceng1 year ago

Does this mean there are people who post ibles they Didn't Make ? ! !

kelseymh iceng1 year ago

No! The button is there for when somebody else follows the guidance in an I'ble, and wants to let the author and world know.

iceng kelseymh1 year ago

Nice .... A secondary button to manipulate :-)

antoniraj1 year ago

Great... I would appreciate an update to add tables in the editor

mazzmn1 year ago

Great idea to add the I Made It button, I like it!
Thanks for all the updates on this site, I appreciate the work!

I'm not sure if this is related to the Site update, but recently I noticed the "Update your profile" button doesn't seem to work...tried it on Chrome and IE on Win7...I have a few different images for my profile and I tried to switch back to another one and there is no update or save button, so it doesn't seem to take

To recreate:

go to the "You page"

In the lower left choose the Edit Profile button

Click the Change Icon button

Drag a new image to the active image

Now I seem to be stuck, can't save the change


mazzmn mazzmn1 year ago

Hmm, nevermind, I figured out how to change the image..just have to reorder the pics and the bottom and everything is automatically saved...the wonky update image text at the top of the screen had me thinking it was a button....

Darcy521 year ago

My most recent e-mail shows a change in the format. Is that you or is that my computer acting funny? I am on dial-up service and cannot open any of the projects in the message.

mikeasaurus (author)  Darcy521 year ago

We did change up the newsletter, we hope you like it!

If you can't access any of the links in the newsletter you might need to check your email client settings to make sure they are allowing click follow throughs, and you are viewing the newsletter in HTML mode, not plain-text.

Kiteman1 year ago

Does the "I made it" button include a count, like favouriting?

Not currently. It could in the future.

Will we have to wait as long for the count as we did for the button?

From the same crack team of devs who designed the human appendix?

I had mine edited out, after it very nearly crashed the whole system.

Finally got that button! Maybe in the next update you can integrate this into an instructable's stats, or make a special photoset at the end of the last step that automatically displays projects that others make.

Sorunome1 year ago

PMs are still escaping HTML tags for me, i tried clearing cache + disabling script-blocking addons etc.

As browser I use google chrome.

This update is nice! Like many others said, the "I made it" button is a great feature. It would be cool if there was a way to sort the comments by all comments or "I made it" comments. One thing that is strange is that I'm not seeing page buttons for Instructables that have more than 40 comments. Was removing that intentional?

mikeasaurus (author)  Shadowman391 year ago

Unintentional. Good catch!

They were already gone on orangeboards for quite some time, was that also unintentionally?

Love the 'I made it' button! soooo excited and happy about all these updates on my birthday!

Happy Birthday to you Muhaiminah Faiz...

Thank you sir! :)

seamster1 year ago

Have to add that I love the "I made it" button. My favorite part of the site is seeing other people becoming creative because of my efforts to make and share something. Having that button right on top is a perfect way to encourage people to become more interactive on the site. Awesome! Whoever thought of that--kudos, excellent idea.

kelseymh1 year ago

The "I made it!" button is a great idea, but I have a question. Other than the obvious answer ("we reuse the same block of code with no conditionals"), why is the "I made it!" button included on forum comments and Answers? It seems clearly tied conceptually to Instructables, not to discussions.

mikeasaurus (author)  kelseymh1 year ago
we reuse the same block of code with no conditionals

In that case...

n1cod3mus1 year ago

the made it button is a good idea but it just goes to the comments box, there should be a side box to the right with people who also made it with preview images like

do it

makendo1 year ago

Sounds good. It would be pretty cool if you could enable retrospective "I made it" treatment of old comments (ones that include photos), and to have some sort of way of aggregating "I made it"s.

I absolutely love the idea of having an I made it! button :D

Deeg1 year ago

(Hey, it works!)

I haven't tested much out but I love the idea of the "I Made it!" button. I hope people use it.