Site's been down a bit

The site was down for a bit huh? I kept getting a message saying 503 error No server available to handle this request. Anyone know what happened?

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
I saw it. Stupid 503 message. Great job ibles staff, that was very quick!
*hands wallet* you forgot this in the chatroom... i have replaced your image of bill gates with steve jobs... hope you dont mind...

also i got the message, went to another couple sites, came back and it was gone
I hate jobs, but love the computers (typing this on MacBook). Thanks for the wallet..... Hey! Where is the money!?
umm... we needed ale.... sorry...
Keith-Kid (author)  LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
yea! It came back up pretty quick!
Doctor What9 years ago
I got that message too. Servers anger me.
okoshima9 years ago
I'm sorry... It was my fault... My airship crashed into the hq while we were plundering the goods... We have the squidlabs bus and want some ale and women for its safe return...
Keith-Kid (author)  okoshima9 years ago
it couldn't have been your airship, because

1) it was in the shop. I saw it

2) it doesn't exist!

3) You have a battleship! Not an airship!!

4) The battleship doesn't exist either!!1
a battleship... how dare you insult me in such a manner sir....

my beloved airship is fine thank you... although we did loose one of the portside cannons...

and the one you saw was merely a decoy... either that or Abney Park are in town
Keith-Kid (author)  okoshima9 years ago
wait, it the red garage at blue street or the blue garage on red street?!
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