Skeleton Bicycle

This skeleton bicycle by Jud Turner looks like the result of an archaeological dig from TRON world. OK, it's not meant to be ridden, but quite bizarre and fun on its own.

Link via gizmodo

Picture of Skeleton Bicycle
Hoaxinmi5 years ago
Thats cool but check this out. It was made by Crypt Custom Cycles
2nup3506 years ago
I saw a motorcycle with an almost identical idea at the Petersen auto museum. I remember clearly that the label said the skeleton was perfectly proportioned and would stand 9 feet high
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'OK, it's not meant to be ridden'
i want to ride it anyway.
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nobody would mess wit u if u ride that bike. nobody.
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whats funny bout ma name? and yet it is true. make that 4 ur kid and no1 will bully him
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Nah tell him he's going to be material for your next bike :P
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you know, You do have fists...
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oh really?
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Well, i dont have a skeleton bike, So all I have to use are my fists. Sorry.
lol yeah thats nice
I would. But that's just how I roll.
Then make one with a seat on or sit on its back :)
When I first saw it, I figured the knees and hips were hinged, so the skeleton pedaled as you do.l
Bridel5686 years ago
Oh wow! It's beautiful! I really like the idea of riding a bicycle head-first, sort of like a reverse recliner. Pedaling should also be distributed between the arms and the legs (just in case either of them get tired). It's really neat art! Reminds me of a piece I just saw at MOMA in NYC... I can't remember the name of it (or it's creator), though...
Eirinn6 years ago
Lots of elbow room on that bike! it? Elbow just forget it xD
PKM6 years ago
I don't think it would be that fun to ride, the trail is a bit extreme (probably about 4 feet looking at the geometry :D). Unless the arms bent at the elbow and turned the front wheel without tilting, in which case the wheelbase is a bit narrow for stability. Yes I know it's not actually for riding... who wants to get a plastic skeleton and do this to a ridable bike though?
skunkbait6 years ago
Now I want to make a ridable motorcycle like that.
GMer566 years ago
Wow! Only if it was riddable...
dude. cover it with flammable liquid and it could be the bicycle of the Ghost Rider lol
jeff-o6 years ago
"This is the skeleton of the last motorist who tried to mess with me."
=SMART=6 years ago
! CANT be ridden ! awwww
Goodhart6 years ago
Wild. It is too bad it couldn't be made into a reclined would certainly get looks from the gathering crowd LOL