Skillet is so flippin cool!!!! if you have anything to say about it or other good bands go ahead!

Picture of Skillet!
DenVonRot1 year ago
Thought you meant something else. Personally I think they suck. I rather hear UnderOath, or Asking Alexandria. The early 90's grunge/rock was the best.
Skillet is definitely the raddest!
monsterlego2 years ago
Which skillet are we talking about here? there is two
KneXtreme2 years ago
Ya. Skillet is pretty awesome. I like the alien youth song. Thousand Foot Krutch is pretty awesome as well.
Kia Zundel2 years ago
Skillet is so awesome. I love the song whispers in the dark. are you posting any other pics?
Yami Yugi (author) 2 years ago
I love the awake and alive album its so cool