Skillet is so flippin cool!!!! if you have anything to say about it or other good bands go ahead!

Picture of Skillet!
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DenVonRot4 years ago
Thought you meant something else. Personally I think they suck. I rather hear UnderOath, or Asking Alexandria. The early 90's grunge/rock was the best.
Skillet is definitely the raddest!
monsterlego5 years ago
Which skillet are we talking about here? there is two
KneXtreme5 years ago
Ya. Skillet is pretty awesome. I like the alien youth song. Thousand Foot Krutch is pretty awesome as well.
Kia Zundel5 years ago
Skillet is so awesome. I love the song whispers in the dark. are you posting any other pics?
Yami Yugi (author) 5 years ago
I love the awake and alive album its so cool