Skills every instructabler should know

These are the skills I think every instructabler should know. Proper English grammar and spelling Survival skills Using common tools (drill, dermal, soldering,etc.) Basic rope and knot skills Being resourceful Programing in a programing language Basic Camera skills Have a social life

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Heres what the page should look like. Proper English, grammar and spelling. Survival skills. The use of common tools(drill, dermal, soldering iron, ect.) Basic rope and knot skills. Resourcefulness. Programming skills in a programming language Basic camera skills and must have a social life.
Mm, the third and last entries are a bit awkward - they violate parallel structure. I'd suggest tool usage and social skills instead. Plus, as Kelsey said, you should jettison the skills.
i just wrote from how he should have wrote it. You know, with proper grammar and spelling.
Yes, I was just saying the grammar still needed to be tweaked. :-)
oh, I see. Thanks.
You know, like nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills...
Girls only like guys with sweet skills..
But then, you wouldn't know...
I know, and bumpus couldn't be more wrong...

Girls want presents, and to be looked after.

However, if bumpus is talking about 'sweet skills' then almost ever girl likes sweets.
Kiteman gmjhowe8 years ago
There are certain skills that may not get the girl, but will definitely keep the girl.

(19th wedding anniversary two weeks ago.)
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