So, I'm guessing everybody's got some sort of skill/z they are proud of, what's yours?

Picture of Skillz?
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DJ Radio9 years ago
I got dem halo skillz! i dare someone to try and pwn me!
Flumpkins9 years ago
Sorry for the late reply but... Guitar Hero Rockband Drumming Guitar Piano Typing (lol)
Sunbanks9 years ago
Actually now that I have thought about it, I have super rad ninja skills. Haha not really, people tell me I'm anything but ninja-like sometimes. I guess I have a pretty good memory, depending on what it is I'm trying to remember. Also I'm pretty good at sewing and a lot of other random things.
KentsOkay (author)  Sunbanks9 years ago
See! Everyone's got skillz....
xACIDITYx9 years ago
...nunchuck skills...
..Bow-hunting skills..
DJ Radio bumpus9 years ago
piss-off-people skills....
Girls only want boyfriends that have great skills. GOSH!
KentsOkay (author)  bumpus9 years ago
sword skillz...
DJ Radio9 years ago
knex, and just about every game i have played........... plus, im #1 in pissing off everyone here, i guess that counts as some sort of skill........
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