So my favorite game in the world is Skyrim. This is a forum where you can post stuff such as Dragon priest masks locations,gliches,tips,words of power or locations of armor.

By the way I'm not trying too use you guys I have a great profile including House in Solitude,Nightingale,Dadric, Dragon Scale,Ebony,Glass,and 3 sets of dragon armor.Including 51 dragon bones and 34 dragon scales.Many many dadric weopons including bows swords also much more. Also, I'm olny level 41 and I have never hacked. (Plus, I guess I'm trying to brag alittle :) )

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monsterlego5 years ago
Three words:

FUS ROH DAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
didexo (author)  monsterlego5 years ago
Haha. What word of power is that?
Dragons breath?

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Im at lvl 76 and i wanna level up FAST and i mean almost INSTANTLY!!!!!

Hey guys, I made this Daedric Sword from Skyrim and I realllllyy would love to win something in this contest, do you reckon you could go on and give me a vote and really show this site that SKYRIM is the Best and Deserves to WIN!

here is the working link :P and a pic :D

Daedric Sword.jpg
NealKipper4 years ago
Well I always find I'm turning up the difficulty because it's just too easy.
joe ~~~~~~~4 years ago
i'm at level 81 1/2 (max) now I'M braging
NO its Unrelenting Force
didexo (author) 5 years ago
Dragons Breath? Or do you mean Fire Breath?