Sleazy ads are disappointing.

I'm disappointed by your sleazy American Apparel ads featuring half-naked women. It is gratuitous and uncalled for. As a father I am doubly disappointed because I know that my children have frequented your site as well. The thing is, I really like your site and have told people about it. Now I find myself considering blocking your site at my home and at my children's schools.

Look, I'm not a prude--far from it. But your site seems to be migrating from classy to trashy, and that really disappoints me. I would expect this behavior from mens magazine sites, but I thought you folks had a little more class than that.

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canida6 years ago
We block sleazy ads as we find them, but new ones sneak through. Thanks for the update, we'll keep an eye out.
stephmur (author)  canida6 years ago
Thanks, that's awesome. I'm sorry if I misjudged Instructables. I have upgraded to a PRO membership.
kelseymh6 years ago
You probably don't realize (unless you watch the rapidly changing URLs which appear at the bottom of your browser window) that Instructables has nothing to do with any of the ads which appear on the site.

Instructables is paid by third-party "brokers" like Google, AdSense, and others to provide empty space on the Web pages. Those third party companies then randomly select and display ads in those empty spaces.

The ad content itself is often adjusted according to the end user's IP address, so that I'bles viewers in the UK see British ads, for example.

Instructables itself has nothing to do with any of this, except for a very small number of specific "sponsorship" ads (like the Craftsman ads during the Craftsman tools contests).
Not entirely true, most ad companies allow the site to taylor ads by category, meaning turn off some categories.
Yeah I use Adsense and it lets you choose which ad providers to allow. There's also a setting that prompts you to approve any new ads. This takes a lot of constant supervision to maintain, though.
stephmur (author)  JamesRPatrick6 years ago
Yeah, I thought they responded well to my concerns, so I upgraded to Pro. Small gesture, but I appreciate that they are trying to do the right thing.
> Instructables itself has nothing to do with any of this
. One can delegate authority, but not responsibility. Maybe Robot should find another ad broker(s).
He better! We have our own brand of smut peddling to do, competition out!
Nacho, the last ethical man.
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