Sleep problems

Ok well I have a trerrible time getting to sleep at night. Last night I went to sleep at around 2 a.m. and had to wake up at 7 a.m. for school. I had a hard time getting through the day. Any suggestions for getting to sleep easier/quicker?

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abadfart6 years ago
my sympathy's i have the same problem most nights but i am thinking of trying a polyphasic sleep pattern
Whaleman9 years ago
Sorry, I can't help you much. I have the same problem. Sometimes praying helps me sleep, but that won't help if you're an atheist or something.
I don't have this problem now....but at one time, anxiety kept me awake. Now, my wife is still freaked by how fast I go to sleep once my head hits the pillow :-)
I have elevated anxiety, so that is probably part of it.
I am still pretty "anxious" myself, but I am getting both physical and psychological treatment for it. In the past, when I had something to worry about, it would keep me up for days; so I really feel for you, and understand what you are going through.
I get the exact same thing, no matter how insignificant the problem, I worry needlessly for days on end about it, and not sleeping makes me feel worse.
Poor guys gotta learn to, umm, Take life by the recliner! If it's a little problem, think about it, in the grand scheme of things, how truly important that some organic speck submits an incy wincy piece of nothing to another organic speck? Doesn't add up does it? Think about it, entire galaxies are getting swallowed whole by black holes, methinks that may be a problem much more worthy to not sleep about...
So in short...
Good advice, but I've tried telling myself to "forget it" and that it doesn't matter, but it doesn't affect anything.
What is not understood by those that do not experience the chemical inbalance is that the mind CAN create it's own reality, and whatever one fears, becomes increasingly worse until it is "life threatening". There are methods that work, with practice, to circumvent having to play that particular "recording" we teach ourselves, and to not FEAR the fear. Anxiety has become a part of my life, but I don't FREAK OUT about it anymore (most of the time anyways :-) I have learned to accept the experience and go with it. Sometimes even examining it....looking for the trigger....thinking that this will not kill me, so how can I make it better. But then, I am talking about working with this condition for about 30-35 years too. The beginning is the hard part, and learning to recognize triggers. But you get the hang of it. To me, it was a challenge I could not resist (figure out how to use this, or be a afraid all my life)
Ah goodhart you always have something similar to say or know the feeling, the worst one was the first time I nearly got kicked out of school, parents already broken up but fighting over mortgage, damn females doing their part and non sleeping added up to songs going faster and faster, for three months i didn't hear the end of the song, not out of fear but similarly it felt like when you go down way to steep a hill on a bicycle and the brakes just never come, first you notice yourself speeding up, Then you notice how much you've sped up, you start to get uncomfortable with the shaking of the back wheel (equivocation for the slow loss of control) and then you grab the brakes, go ass over tin cup and wonder why you didn;t do that earlier on...
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